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10 Commandments for the Businessmen and Corporate Managers

Updated on May 12, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      The social responsibility of the corporate enterprise must always be the main core values rather than “profit”. There are significant rules that we must learn to know in the contemporary time as to the theory of surplus value and its relationship to the spiritual importance of the society. The conformity of spiritual wisdom from the front line of organizational productivity is at stake on the true nature of social and organizational enterprise. Let us now know the 10 commandments to find peaceful corporate values in highly conscious material world.

1.You shall worship not “money” rather than Lord thy God for the productivity of the corporate enterprise.

      You shall not deceive by the core values of the strategic management of the enterprise for the quality service is beyond the image of “money” rather than the compassion of the Lord thy God. The commercial advocacy in the creation of the value of goods and services to produce the profit of the enterprise shall take into consideration the reasonable price for the sake on the glory of the Lord. Remember to provide a functional social responsibility that give in return of the stakeholders support of the corporation. Do not always think about “money” in your enterprise find a moment to bring the corporation into the social responsibility in someway help the poor of their basic needs. The corporation exists for the “self-interest for profit and money” which contrary from the teachings of the Lord thy God. No matter what is your justification to its existence, it may not conform to the Christian virtues of giving away the material wealth to the poor. The Lord God knows your ethical weaknesses; it may please him if you share your profits to the laborers and employees. It may please him if most of the amount of profits is given to those who are in need. It also pleases him, if the corporate employees enjoyed on full support of your organization.

2.You shall not make “profit’ as the sole marketing idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

      You shall not use the marketing advertisement to disguise the products and services for the sake of “profit”. Find time to understand the ethics of marketing promotion including market segmentation and mix in honest and compassionate way. Remember to share the profit not only for yourself about all those whom you think need help. The Lord thy God smiles with joy when you learn to share your profit not simply for the church and charity but by those corporate employees who are working so hard just to support their family. Again, ”share” the fruits of your success to anyone who needs it. Remember, when God talked to the wealthy man he said to him to give all his wealth to the poor if he wanted to find the kingdom of heaven. It is total insanity, if any would follow do this. If may be hard to go to the kingdom of heaven if you are full wealth. Why? Try to be poor. Then you can find the answer.

3. You shall not misuse the name of the lord your God forsake of your greed, vanity and selfish interest and in the name corporate development.

      You shall not like be the Lord God who has all the infinite authority and power in the universe. Most of you are doing that in your organization, as if you are the Lord thy God of the universe. You never thought to be like that as you only know to drive the corporate enterprise to earn more for profit. The corporate employees thought that you are the Lord thy God of the universe because you are the one who gives them “comfort of life” or their “occupational death” as even their family is affected by it.

4.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy finding time to the redemption of your soul.

      You shall not always be “busy” in the Sabbath day as the Lord thy God rest for this day. The Sabbath day is the time for the redemption of your sins as this corporation is within the “limbo of hell and purgatory”. You shall please the Lord thy God when you rest to think not for “profit” but share your support those who are in need. Find time your family to rest as one and teach your children the value of “sharing” and “loving” including the critical Christian virtues for them to live in the kingdom of God. Remember, that Sabbath day is not the time for social party, nightlife and other social activities. It is solely for the family and healing the spiritual soul for the redemption of sins.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

      No doubt, the Lord thy God knows how you love your father and mother because they really love you before. Never put them in the “home for the aged” if you don’t want that you will also be there when you will be old. God knows the good reason why you put them their because you are always “busy” in the corporate activities. Never follow the same mistakes of your loving parents in the rearing of the you find way to love your family. Learn to make sacrifice to your old parents for the kingdom of heaven hails your action.

6.You shall not commit murder.

      No doubt, the Lord thy God knows you cannot commit murder as you are train to be an utmost civilized professional in the corporation. It may only happen in greed, vanity, infidelity and lush of power.

7.You shall not commit adultery.

      The corporate world provides high level of fashion and physical attraction. You shall always remember the oath of covenant on marriage and love. Remember that men cannot commit adultery at any given time without the lust of women. You should also remember that men are compassionate in telling their “love” which they are always deceptive by their actions and intentions. Men are naturally like that when it comes to sexual romance . Do not believe when men say that they ‘love’ you. Their actions are more tangible on their intentions than the temporary words of ‘love”. The best way to judge the men action is more on their “ethical virtues and values”.

8. You shall not steal .

      No doubt, the Lord thy God knows that you will not steal. But your greed and vanity on material wealth may find you to steal without knowing it. Learn to live in simple life and clean living. You may find more peace in your heart and soul if you do this.

9.You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

     The Lord thy God provides this commandment for you to know the meaning of dishonesty, jealousy, vanity and greed. If you love your neighbor and you have good relationships you can do this. We should always tell the truth. It is the best way to set us free from any consequences of our actions and intentions. The corporation has always the politics of striving hard for promotion. We shall not use false testimony against our colleague forsake of advancing ourselves for better position.

10. You shall not covet your neighbors’ house.

The Lord thy God don’t want as to be greedy. We want to have what others have. Or we more on wealth even to the extent of hurting somebody else. In the corporate world, the promotion and advancement are always the reason why we violate this rule on their position. The proof of reward must always come to your hard work, and sacrifices for the organizational productivity. Sometimes, the rule of merit may not come true in all corporations. You must learn to accept and pray for God is there to know the truth.

      You shall remember that the Lord God may not be there to help you in any problems that you have in the organization. The goodness of your spiritual heart is constantly tested by the will of God. Not because God does not love you .But test your spiritual will to accept with humility, love and compassion on your Christian virtue. We constantly asking why those people who never work hard find more blessings than those who are working hard to put the organization in the zenith of productivity.Then you just say " Amen" because god will reward you by your good virtues.


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