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10 Easy and Convenient Home Based Jobs for Pregnant Women

Updated on October 1, 2016

During pregnancy women need to ensure they keep away from strenuous work. Many women give up their jobs when they get pregnant. This article brings to light easy and convenient home-based jobs that can earn a healthy source of income for pregnant women.

When pregnant, a woman has to go through different stages in pregnancy. Every stage of pregnancy has its do’s and don’ts. Pregnant women have to be careful about not exerting themselves. Women never like to sit idle during pregnancy. They like to be involved with something constructive. Sitting at home and doing nothing can get extremely boring for pregnant women. Furthermore, thoughts about pregnancy can make women rather nervous.


A great way for pregnant women to keep themselves busy is opting for easy and convenient home based jobs. Majority of jobs done from home require a computer and a secure internet connection. During pregnancy taking care of your health is of prime importance. Hence it is important to pick a home based job that excites you and is your area of interest. Avoid jobs from home that may cause stress. You should be doing a home based job during pregnancy only if you are satisfied and happy with the job. There are different types of home based jobs that pregnant women can opt for. The lines below list various home based jobs that are easy and convenient for pregnant women.


10 Easy and Convenient Home Based Jobs for Pregnant Women

1. Online Surveys

An easy way for pregnant women to earn money from home is by doing online surveys. All you have to do is fill forms on online survey sites. This job is simple and can be done in accordance with your free time. If you are good with logical answers and have good typing speed… you will be amazed by the amount on money you make with online surveys.


2. Transcription Jobs

There are a number of transcription jobs available online. If you are not familiar with transcription you may brush up with information on the internet before you apply for an online transcription job. Transcription involves conversion of live or recorded speech into electronic text formats. There are different types of online transcription jobs. Medical transcription requires you to have detailed knowledge of medical terminology. It’s best to opt for simple transcription jobs that you can do at your convenience from home. Make sure you have a good pair of noise cancellation headphones to ensure crystal clear sound. During live recordings you need to hear clearly as you transcribe speech into text formats. Good typing skills and being a good listener help you earn a significant amount of money.


3. Online Tutoring

If you have a hobby or skill that you are good at, you can make money by starting online classes. It may take a while before you get noticed for your skills, and once you do, you can earn a lot of money through online tutoring. During pregnancy many women earn money from home with online crocheting classes, knitting classes, cooking classes, cake decoration classes and quilting classes among other jobs. If you are skilled at an art or craft, there’s no stopping you. Online tutoring is a great way for pregnant women to earn income.


4. Online Writing and Blogging

If you are creative with words you can earn decent money from writing jobs. You can write for clients or you can write for revenue sharing sites. When you write for clients you are a paid upfront for the article you write. All the copyrights of the article are transferred to the client once the article is approved and you are paid. When you contribute on revenue sharing sites, the site you write articles pays you a small proportion with revenue generated by the site. On most revenue sharing sites you own the copyrights to the articles you write.

Furthermore, if you are an expert on a particular topic or are niche writer/blogger your articles on revenue sharing sites will earn you money for a long time. Knowledge of SEO is essential if you want your articles to earn you a good amount of money. Once you realize your articles on revenue sharing sites are earning good money, you can start your own site and earn the entire benefits of the hard work you have put in. Freelance writing is a great way for pregnant women to earn money from home.


5. Web Search Evaluator

Opting for the job of a web search evaluator is another way for pregnant women to earn money from home. There are many companies and organizations that are offering jobs related to web search evaluation. Typically these jobs involve various aspects of measuring different parameters that help gauge the effectiveness of the web. Such jobs are available on part-time and full time basis.


6. Data Entry Jobs

One of the simplest ways to earn money when you are pregnant is by doing data entry jobs. Typically data entry jobs deal with updating or entering data into a database. Most data entry jobs require only basic knowledge of computers. If your keyboard skills and accuracy in feeding data are exceptional you can make a lot of money doing data entry jobs. Pregnant women from different parts of the world have found online data entry jobs to be a useful source of temporary income.


7. Home Based Telemarketing

In recent times many companies and organizations are offering home based telemarketing jobs. This job is an ideal way to earn money during pregnancy. You may have to install a specific software program on your computer that is utilized by the company you are working for. You need to have good knowledge about the product you are dealing with since you need to explain and answer queries about the related product customers have. Perks and incentives are excellent in home based telemarketing jobs.


8. Selling homemade Art and Craft

If you are good at art and craft, you can make good money by selling your homemade items on the internet. There are many sites that are willing to sell your homemade items at a price. A small commission is taken by sites on sale of your items. If you start your own E-commerce store you need to have a small start-up investment and also spend on postage and packaging material. If you are creative with art and craft, you can make huge sums of money with homemade items.


9. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Another good way of earning money from home during pregnancy is by taking up the job of a virtual assistant. Typically this type of job could be of administrative, analytical, technical, or creative in nature. Many companies are outsourcing their work requirement to virtual assistants working from home. As virtual assistants are independent contractors on contractual basis, they are not employees of a company. This ensures the client/company is not faced with responsibilities of insurance benefits and tax-related aspects related to employees. Administrative experience is essential if you want to land up a virtual assistant job from home.


10. Become a Freelancer

Many pregnant women have been able to make decent amount of money from home…thanks to freelance jobs. Being a freelancer allows you do different types of online jobs from home, you can write, blog, take online classes, transcribe, take surveys, or opt for any other online based job which allows you to work in accordance with your convenience.

None of the above mentioned home based jobs should be undertaken at the cost of health. During pregnancy you need to be healthy and have a calm mind. The aforementioned home based jobs are not strenuous and should be undertaken in accordance with time and convenience. The different stages of pregnancy are exciting and boring. It makes sense to take up an easy and convenient job from home. Keep in mind when you are excited about your work you do not get stressed. Be wise in choosing a job that is your area of interest. Enjoy earning money with your home based job. Take care of yourself and your baby.


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