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10 Excel Tips To Save Your Time

Updated on September 2, 2010

This article about how you can use excel spreadsheet will cover the Shortcuts for Common File Commands in Excel 2007,Be at liberty to note them down in a book or take a print out of it for future reference.

1.Using Alt+FN is equal to Using New Button and it displays the New Workbook dialog box where you possibly can open a blank workbook or one from a template

2.Using Alt+FO is equal to Using Open Button and it Displays the Open dialog field where you possibly can select a new Excel workbook to open for enhancing or printing.

3.Alt+FS is equal to Using Save Button and it Saves adjustments to a workbook. When you first choose this command for a new workbook, Excel shows the Save As dialog box

4.Alt+FA is equal to Using Save As Button and it Show the Save As dialog box the place you possibly can modify the file name, location the place the file is saved, and format that the file is saved in.

5.Alt+FP is equivalent to Using Print Button and it Shows the Print dialog box to send the current worksheet, workbook, or cell selection to the printer

6.Alt+FE is equal to Using Send Button and it Sends the present workbook as an e-mail attachment or fax it using Web Fax

7.Alt+FC is equal to Using Close Button and it Closes the present workbook without exiting Excel

8.Alt+FI is equivalent to Using Excel Choices Button and it Displays the Excel Options
dialog box where you'll be able to change default program settings and modify the buttons on the Fast Access toolbar.

9.Alt+FX is equivalent to Using Exit Excel Button and it Quits the Excel program and closes all open workbooks after prompting you to save them.

10.Alt+HVP is equivalent to Using Paste Button and it Pastes the at the moment cut or copied cell choice or graphic objects in the worksheet.

11.Alt+HX is equal to Using Cut Button and it Cuts the cell selection or selected graphic objects out of the workbook and places them on the Clipboard.

Thank you for reading this hub about the tips to use excel spreadsheet faster.


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