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10 Job Sectors in the Middle East that Offers the Best Salary Packages

Updated on September 13, 2015

The Search for a Good Paying Job

We all love to have a job that offers a fat salary package, but most of the time we find it hard to get a decent salaried job due to various factors. Some reasons might be the lack of opportunities, lack of personal skills and experience and other factors. There are a lot of countries across the globe where there is a real lack of talents in various industries and are on the outlook for the right candidates. Most of the countries have different rules and regulations which makes it difficult for majority of the professionals to land on a job in these countries. At the same time there are also several countries where it is not too difficult to apply for a job due to its less complicated immigration policies.

Middle East is Calling

Middle East is one of the most sought after destination for those looking for a job with handsome salary package and the rules and regulations to reach these countries are less complicated when compared with other countries. People from different parts of the world land in the Middle East looking for jobs and most of the time, they are able to find their dream job. There are a lot of opportunities in the Middle East and this is mainly due to the presence of a large number of multi-national companies in different sectors. Most of the companies have a shortage of real talent pool and they are on the constant process of hiring candidates from different parts of the world.

Here are the list of 10 major job sectors in the Middle East that can fetch you a healthy pay cheque and you can decide upon which job to go for based on your skills and experience.

1. Sales/Marketing
When it comes to the salary that a guy gets in the sales and marketing field, it is something that everybody loves to have. The salary for a sales and marketing guy stands high when compared with the salaries offered in other areas and if you have the right qualification, talent and skills in the sales and marketing field, then you can easily dream of a healthy pay pack. Apart from the salary, the sales and marketing jobs ensures a handsome amount of money as incentives and commissions. This extra money is just sufficient for most of these professionals to lead a good life in the Middle East.

2. Human Resources
Human Resource management is the major backbone of any corporate company and a company with a strong Human Resource Management team is sure to have a great level of sustainability. So is the requirement for skilled and experienced Human Resource professionals who can play a vital role in shaping the progress of the company through proper hiring of the right candidates for various job requirements. Human Resource professionals are another category, who are expected to earn a great salary package when compared with other professions.

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3. Construction
The middle east is always booming with new building and sky scrapper structures. Every day, new and latest buildings rise up in all the major cities in Middle East and since most of the cities in Middle East is growing on a rapid pace, this trend is sure to be there for a long time. A person who is managing an important position in the construction field is sure to receive a good salary package and remember that it is not for all the people working in construction field. If you have the right education and qualification in the construction field, then you can easily dream of taking home a handsome pay cheque.

4. Banking
Banking is another core area which determines the fate of the economy and there are a huge amount of opportunities in the banking area in the Middle East countries. Banking offers a lot of services to the users such as core banking, insurance, policies, loans etc which has a huge and potential audience. If you have the right talent and skills, then banking jobs in Middle East is one of the best career option which can help in earning a decent salary package.

5. Information Technology
We cannot think of world without Information Technology services and as we all know, most of the Middle East countries are on a technological boom and there are also other cities in the Middle East that are technologically advanced enough when compared with other major cities across the world. There is a huge demand for IT professionals in the Middle East and most of the companies do not hesitate to provide a heavy salary to the right candidates.

6. Public Relations
There is a real dearth of talented Public Relations professional in the Middle East and most of the companies often ending up rag-tag professionals for the PR post and most of the time, the end result is miserable. A personal having relevant educational qualification and experience in the Public Relations area can easily secure a job that pays highly. The job requires a good amount of communication along with other skills, but in the end, it is the salary that matters.

7. Advertising
It is a fact that there will be no business and economy growth without proper advertising. You can never dream of earning huge profit for your products or services without proper advertising activities. In the Middle East countries, advertising is an integral part of their business strategies and are constantly on the outlook for talented and experienced advertising professionals who can take their business to the next level. An when we say about the salary for advertising professionals in the Middle East, it is much better that most of the other jobs.

8. Real Estate
When it comes to heavy pay Cheque in the Middle East, the best way to achieve it is to land with a career in the real estate sector. Real Estate is a booming industry in the Middle East and there are a lot of requirements of professionals that have relevant experience in the real estate arena. Jobs in the real estate sector always provides an healthy package and if you would like to receive a healthy salary in the Middle East, the you might try your hands in the real estate industry.

9. Hospitality
The hospitality industry in the Middle East is experiencing an upward trend in its overall growth and this is the right time to pitch your career in the hospitality industry in Middle East. In the Middle East, a career in the hospitality sector is sure to reward you with a healthy salary package that you can dream about. If you have the right qualifications and experience in the hospitality industry, then a job with a healthy salary package in the Middle East is probably awaiting you.

10. Publishing
Another dream job sector in the Middle East that can guarantee a decent salary is the publishing industry which is of high demand these days. There is a real shortage of skilled professionals having experience in the publishing sector and this can really be a great opportunity for those having experience in the publishing industry. A lot of job openings in the publishing sector are available in the Middle East which offers a healthy salary package for the right candidates.

The above said are just some of the job sectors in the Middle East that offers good pay packages and there are still other more industries that can offer a good salary for the right candidates. It you are serious about starting out with a career in the Middle East with a healthy salary package, then you can search online with the help of any of the best middle east job site that can list out a variety of job openings with a healthy package. Most of the online job portals in the Middle East require you to register an account with them and update your CVs. Once there is any opening that is relevant to your profile, skills and experience, you will be notified either through email or phone and you can start taking your big step toward carving out a successful career in the Middle East.

Hope that the above list of job sectors proves beneficial for all those who are seeking a great career in the Middle East and the list should be inspiring enough for all.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      3 years ago

      Seems like the middle east has much to offer someone who loves working in new areas. You covered this well and I'm sure answered the key questions someone would have about working over seas.

    • georgescifo profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from India

      Thanks Suzanne and I am also pretty sure that this might prove useful for all who are looking to start a career in the Middle East.

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      This is a really useful resource for job seekers looking to maximise their skills in the Middle East. Well thought out and well done!


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