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10 Money Making Businesses Online

Updated on February 11, 2011

I am surprised at all the ways you can make money from a real source here online! First, I want to talk about these business ideas as a way to help you make some real  honest money and how to find your niche and get ideas for what kind of business you could start here on the World Wide Web.

What do you love? Books? Sports? Photography? Travel?

  1. Royalty Free Photo Site: when you promote a site with free downloadable photos that a quality photos. You will get lots of traffic to your site for Google Ads and the means more money in your pocket. Then partner with and get more $$ THEN add a book of your "Best" photos for sale and you get even more$$ You see, there are many mays to get money from one site.
  2. Book Club Site: Offer book reviews, book of the month and also put on Google ads and feature books and book products to sell, or your E bay books you re selling.
  3. Sports Club Site: Featuring players, comments and discussion boards. Add on game times, photos and articles. Then put in Ad words, Amazon key words and sports memorabilia will bring in more cash, you could also sell your sports memorabilia. You could buy a web hosting site for sports fanatics to sell their items on your site for free, and make friends and discuss sports?
  4. Art Guild Site: Feature items for sale and free bees for members, newsletter and free web storage pages for members for a monthly subscription. Check out my site:
  5. Funny Jokes Website: If you like to tell jokes and have lots of them you can sell you book and bring traffic in with free joke of the day emails, or app???
  6. Travel Companion Website: Offer to Travel with disabled folks. Travel information website, and travel ads and sales with your partners. Sell your book on how you "survived traveling the through new security systems" Offer Group Travel and see my Hub page on Travel for Free
  7. The Famous click here and sign up to make money on the internet sites. They are pretty easy to set up and they do get some hits and you just might get a few people who sign up for it. Make sure you have your files ready and secure site to sell your money making CD. See my site its in the works..not quite ready yet.
  8. Blogging at, twitter, and Hub-pages business, Its fun to write!
  9. Video site: Figure out what you are going to video tape. It could be about anything!!! Space Aliens,Dogs, Cats, Your Pets, partner with you Tube and copy these links and add your videos on your webpage site.. to drive customers to your site where you are selling the "whole 30 minute Video, Google ads and other partner sites.
  10. Pet non profit site: Earn money for your local pet shelter! Drive people to your site and you will still make money from your Google ads. Add a donate button from pay pal and you are set. Here is my link for this site :) possibly sell a book about pets or pet pictures and t shirts. 

Congratulations! I hope these ideas will help you find you niche on the WWW . Thanks a Bunch, please feel free to give me some feedback :)


Which number on this list was your favorite business idea:?

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  • daisynicolas profile image

    daisynicolas 5 years ago from Alaska

    Good relevant info. Makes me think what I could do better to earn a little pocket money.

  • mindyjgirl profile image

    Mindy 6 years ago from Cottage Grove, Oregon

    Thank you both, I am doing a seminar today about it, its going to be great, I cant wait to help others with this. Yes please do Almasi its pretty easy, you can use your same Google account you already have to put adds on there. you can email me at, if need help getting a site up.

  • almasi profile image

    almasi 6 years ago

    Thanks, I never thought of doing #1.

    Will give it a try sometime.

  • loveingyou profile image

    loveingyou 6 years ago from Canada

    Thanks! This was a great read with many things that I want to try out. I will definitely be referring back to this article.