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10 Needs of a Traveling Consultant

Updated on November 11, 2009

Top 10 Suggestions for a Traveling Consultant

Whether you are a business consultant, management consultant, IT consultant, consulting engineer, or any other type of traveling consultant this advice may help you! These travel suggestions are post airline ticket purchase and will not include airline reservation tips or discount airline tickets.

1) Print Your Boarding Pass - Check your airline flight status 24 hours before your flight is scheduled and print out your boarding pass. This will help you avoid the check-in line at the airport and on some airlines it will increase your chances of a first class upgrade!

2) Purchase your ticket through an Airline Miles Credit Card - This will allow you to not only receive airline miles for your flight but you will also rake in miles from your credit card. Recently there have been many airline credit card offers with outstanding deals.

3) Rolling Luggage that fits in the Airline Luggage Bin

4) Try to pack clothes for your entire trip in suitcase, with the goal in mind to carry on all luggage on the plane with you. This will eliminate the chances of your luggage becoming lost, stolen, or damaged.

5) Noise Canceling Head Phones - Warning!! If you fly with noise canceling headphones once, you may become addicted. Some are expensive, but I assure you they cut out screaming babies, annoying over talkers, and if attached to music sound really good. Bose Series 2 or 3 are one of the best brands out there.

6) Multiple Airline Frequent Flyer Accounts - This will allow you upgrades, free flights, and in some airports will allow you to bypass a few security lines.

7) Travelers Insurance - Normally this will be on American Express accounts

8) Plenty of Business Cards - As a consultant or traveling business individual, you never know who you will meet, so be prepared.

9) Laptop with a decent battery life. Although some airlines do have A/C chargers not all do. A longer battey life equals more productivity.

10) Eagle Creek Travel Gear - Great luggage company with products that have the traveler in mind. Every piece they make is well thought out. My favorite is a contraption that allows you to fold your business shirt in a very small pouch and when you arrive the shirts are not wrinkled!

11) Slip on Shoes - Don't hastle with shoes in security

12) Cell Phone with Travel Charger - make sure phone has a good alarm

13) Sanitary Whips - trust me, they come in handy for many reasons.

14) Mix - Matchable Clothes - Try to pack clothes that mix together. Don't try to pack your orange pimp suit with your black suit.

15) Scan Your Wallet - All travelers should scan the contents in their wallets before leaving home.

16) Non-Alarm Belt - Try to find a belt that does not make the metal detector alarm go off when passing through security. Otherwise, you will be waiting time taking off and putting your belt back on.

* Do not carry SSN Card **Back-Up Glasses / Contacts **iPod / PSP / iPhone - movies and mp3s will br your friend ***Have a back-up of all contacts in phone

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Article Written by Brady Smith


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great article above. I totally agree with the slip on shoes. You'll be taking them on and off throughout your travel, so make it easy on yourself. Also, I'll have to check out Eagle Creek. I've been using Brenthaven for my laptop bag and am on my second...lifetime guarantee you got to love.

      Finally, the best investment I've ever made was in a travel seat cushion. Really saves the backside on those long flights. This is the one I have and would recommend:

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The best advice I have is to Beware of Bed Bugs – Yikes! I travel a lot for work and found a great website which sells Eco-Friendly Laundry Bags that dissolve in your washer, to prevent picking up bed bugs in hotels. They have a 200% Money Back Guarantee.

    • profile image

      school consultant 

      7 years ago

      Me? I always bring my laptop when I travel.

    • profile image

      acer laptop 

      9 years ago

      Great Hub you have here :) Please check out my website would love to network!


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