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11 Really Easy Things To Do To Earn Money

Updated on September 17, 2015

The Path Less Travelled

If I have learnt one thing from Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad", its to never rely on one income! Very simply because you could lose your job and end up in serious financial trouble.

Some people really need that reliable 8-5 grind to feel safe and that's perfectly ok. Its just advisable to add some extra form of income just in case, be it shares, rental income, etc

For some of us, living the 8-5 is just not possible, we have children or the elderly to look after, or we are students. Some of us just choose to work in a more fluid way, from home, in our own time.

The ideas listed below are there for those of us who can't fit into the 8-5 mould.

8 Money Making Ideas

1. Wash Cars. It may not be the prettiest work but its a good way to make money in that its simple. In a country like South Africa where there are a lot of townhouse complexes it can be as simple as recruiting a team and setting out to wash as many as 100 cars on a Sunday!

R 100 p/car for a wash and vacuum and you've just made R 10 000 in a day, which split between a team of 10 could easily add up to R 3000 each by the end of the month. (after expenses)

2. Walk dogs. There are so many people who live in small townhouses or homes with teeny gardens who's dogs act out because they don't get enough exercise. If you are an animal lover, pull on your loafers and walk a few pooches a week. Again, complexes are a great target market because you can grow your clients through easy word-of-mouth and it means all your pooches are neighbours and are easy to collect and drop off in turn. R 40 p/animal per walk should be reasonable - it works out to about R 200 p/month for a once a weeker and if you walk 20 dogs a week you'll not only be fitter and healthier, but you'll also be roughly R 3000 richer too!

3. Walk or drive kids to and from school. You would be amazed how many people really struggle to juggle getting their kids to school and getting to work on time. If you have wheels and some free time, set up a route and help as many as 4 kids in an ordinary passenger car get to and from school. Charging roughly R30 p/child p/trip could easily yield close to R 4000 p/month. Add flexibility like fetching a group from extra curricular activities and you could have yourself a decent little income.

4. Watch kids in the afternoon and help with home work. Not quite an au pair and not quite a baby sitter, many parents would prefer to have their kids in their own home after school rather than having to rush to an after care service. Its an easy way to help out a family and make R 1000 per child or more per month to work for just 3 or 4 hours an afternoon. If you could find some kids in your neighborhood that would help as it would be easy to build trust and you could walk to and from work if needs to be.

5. Do Ironing. Earn up to R 200 in an afternoon by doing other people's ironing, some will prefer for you to do it in their own home using their iron. two loads f washing can easily be ironed in about 2 hours, so 2 clients a day and you have yourself a half day job and about r 8000 p/month income.

6. Grocery shopping for others. It could be shopping to help out the elderly or a really busy family. Make it a weekly routine and you could earn up to R 400 per client per month. You're going to do your own shopping anyway, right?

7. Babysitting. Go and take some classes in childcare and first aid and set up your own little business helping folks who just need one night a week to themselves or a couple of hours on a Saturday to get their hair done. Keep it reasonable at R 50 - R80 p/hour and you will always have clients and a healthy bank account!

8. House sitting There are lots of people who would like to go on holiday without having to pay massive amounts of money to book their pets into a shelter and worry about their home and plants etc. Combine house sitting with dog walking etc and you can easily earn R 200 p/day.

9. Grow your own pot plants and sell them. Beat your local nurseries prices and your green little fingers will earn you some greenbacks!

10. Grow your own fruit, berries and vegetables: If you have a talent in this area, sell your extra fruit and veg at your local farmers market or make up a little price list and deliver organic produce to homes in your neighbourhood.

11. Cook! If you love to be in the kitchen, help your neighbours by whipping up batches of frozen ready-to-eat lasagne, soup, macaroni and cheese etc.

Keep It Professional

If you want to really make your little business work, you'll need to keep it professional!

  • Take whatever small courses you can to improve your service
  • Build yourself a Facebook page to advertise your services and for clients to rate and share testimonials.
  • Always dress and behave like a professional - remember that word of mouth can either build or destroy your business and your reputation!

You Never Know, You Could Meet Mr/Mrs Right!

Let Me Know

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