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10 Simple Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Professional Works in the Right Way

Updated on January 26, 2015

Working professionals are always in the search of improving their performance at work place so as to stay afloat in their industry. Performance improvement also helps them to climb the ladder up in their career and without any significant improvements in one's performance, he or she would not be able to taste success in their career. You can either be an employee of a company or running your own business, but you should always seek for ways to improve your professional skills in all aspects. Improving your performance also helps in elevating the performance of your colleagues and in the end you can see a drastic improvement in the overall output of the company or organization.

If you are serious about improving your performance at work, you should always think of ways to get there and it is not a simple thing to improve your performance overall. There are a lot of steps and factors to be made right so that your performance improves considerably. Initially you might feel difficulty in going through the steps to achieve performance improvement, but in the course of time you will get used to it and once you see that your performance is improving, you will really start enjoying all these steps and your job.

Here are 10 simple steps or tips that can help you in improving your performance at your workplace and hope that it proves useful to all.

1) Be Punctual

Being punctual at your work place is something better said than done. Actually it will take some hard work from your side to be punctual in everything at your office. If you are not punctual enough in your professional front, then you can start becoming one and feel the difference. Being punctual at your work place can really make you a different person and bring about a positive outcome in your work. Being punctual at office will also create a much positive impression about yourself among your colleagues and senior members, which will bring your more advantages in the long run. So always try to be punctual and accurate in whatever activities your do at your office for better returns.

2) Be Dedicated

Being dedicated does not mean to become workaholic. You need not be a workaholic to be named as a dedicated person. Dedicate is mainly based on the amount of concentration and ownership that you possess while carrying out any work at the office. There is a limit for being dedicated at your work place and over dedicated can really get things going wrong for you're in the professional as well as personal front. Your personal and family life should not be affected due to your dedication at work and if your family life starts getting affected, then things at your work place will start slipping from your control. So your need to be should that necessary dedication, which will bring positive results at your work place and might also be something for your colleagues to follow.

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3) Be Alert

If you are lazy at work and not at all alert at your workplace, then things might not go well as you have planned. You should always be alert enough to make sure that your work impresses each and everyone at the office. You should also be alert enough to pay attention to any changes happening at your work place and organization. This will really help you in planning or changing your work style accordingly and generate better results. Being alert will also create a better impression about you at the top level and it might also help you in climbing the corporate ladder in a better way. You should never always just concentrate on the work you are given, but should also have an idea about the overall process of the company and be alert for any upcoming changes, so that you can prepare yourself for the better.

4) Learn More

There are a lot of people whom I know personally and those people are hardworking and dedicated at office. But most of them usually fade away or melt away once the younger generation comes to the work place. They also seem to fade way as the new technology and new ways of working style are implemented at the office. This is mainly because, even though they are hardworking and dedicated, they are not flexible enough to adapt to the new changes at the work place. They are not willing to learn new things and change accordingly, rather they still stick to the old methods of work. This refusal or laziness to learn new things will cost them a lot and might also have to pay with their jobs. Since the newly recruited employees much younger than them are willing to get along with the new technologies, the old guys might start feeling the heat. So whatever be your experience or age, you need to keep on learning and inventing yourself at your work place. This will help you to make sure that your job security does not fall away and the newcomers will not ever threaten your job.

5) Plan Well

Well planned means half done. If you have planned your jobs or tasks in a better way, then you will really experience a cakewalk and most of the things become easy for you to track and manage. Without proper planning, you will not be able to make any significant progress in the stipulated time frame. A proper planning is the basic foundation for the success of any projects and the lack of progress will harm your project in many ways. Lack of plans also affects the performance of the team members and they would also not be able to perform up to their abilities. Planning might take some time initially and needs to be done with care, taking every factors of your team into account. But once a plan is prepared, all your jobs will become easier and you will be able to see a higher rate of output than expected.

6) Execute Tasks as Per Your Plans

As mentioned in the above point, a well made plan can act as a great start for your project and helps you in managing your projects or tasks in a better way. One of the major factors that influence the success of your plans is the mode of execution. If you or your team is able to execute the tasks in the right way, then there will be nothing that can stop you in taking your tasks in the way you planned it. Without proper task execution, your plans will remain invalid and you will not be able to implement your plan properly. So once you have a clear plan, then you need to make sure that you or your team executes the plans properly.

7) Get Along Well with Your Colleagues

One of the most important thing for tasting success at work is to get along well with your colleagues. Even if you have any differences between your colleagues, you need to sort them out and move ahead to make sure that your work is not affected. If you are not able to get along well with your colleagues, then it means that you are not going to make any impact at your work and none of your efforts will bring the desired output. It is better for you to look for another job, rather than working with a group of workers with whom you cannot get along. If you are able to get along well with your friends, then you are meant to be much successful at work. That is also the trademark of a great team person, who can carry on his work well while making a good rapport with his colleagues.

8) Keep Tracking Your Work Progress

In any work you take, you need to have a close eye on everything that is happening around your work. You should always have a keen tracking of your work progress and make sure that everything is going fine. You need to make sure that everything is carried out as per your plan and in case of any lagging in your work, you have to identify the issue and make sure that the deadline of your tasks are met. Without tracking, you cannot carry on your work blindly as it will damage your overall output and you will ultimately deviate from your work goals. Even the smallest of the tasks need to have a plan and you need to track it properly so that you will be able to complete the tasks in time.

9) Analyse Errors and Shortcoming

No one is totally perfect and there will be a lot of errors and shortcomings at your work place. A lot of your activities at your workplace need to be assessed properly and identify the errors. It is difficult to identify one's own errors, but still you can try it out to some extent. You can also take the feedback of your colleagues and superiors regarding your work and identify the errors that are present in your work. Once you identify the errors and shortcomings, you can do a detailed study and analyse each of them. Ultimately, you can find your own solutions to tackle those issues and improve your performance at work.

10) Be Creative

Just getting along with your work might prove good for you on a short term basis, but apart from going on with your regular work in the same fashion over and again, it is always better to bring in something new to your work and work style. The ultimate thing is to bring a good amount of creativity into your work so that it gets noticed by your colleagues and senior members. The creativity also brings a sense of innovation into your work, which will bring your work performance to a higher level. Without any kind of creativity, your work pattern will look predictable and boring which will not do any good to your career. So always bring some sort of creativity to your work and once you starts implementing creativity, your work will never look boring and you will always remain positive in your approach at work place.

The above points are just some of the points that I have collected from my own experience, and even though I have not fully improved my performance at work, I can really see a considerable improvement towards achieving that feat. Hope that these points might prove beneficial to someone who is seeking that elevated performance improvement at work.


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    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 3 years ago from India

      You are right tobusiness and an ideal workplace should be a combination of youth and experienced professionals to make it more productive.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 3 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Both the young and the not so young should be equally valued in the work place, both groups have certain strengths and talents that can compliment the other. I do agree, that some of the more mature workers do find adapting to change challenging and must make a concerted effort to keep up. Since most of us are now having to work well into our dotage, we owe it to ourselves to grab the nettle and start becoming more proactive, we have to keep up with technology and never stop learning. Thought provoking and interesting.

    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 3 years ago from India

      Thanks Devika and glad to know that you liked the post..

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting, and informative. You mentioned each tip to the point. Thanks for sharing your experience.