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10 Successful Small Business Ideas

Updated on May 5, 2012
glendoncaba profile image

Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

1.Do what you enjoy and every day will be a purpose filled day.Best if you have a burning passion for your niche as well as burning passion for the niche to succeed so you should at least have a level of comfort in that niche.For example if you have an interest in healthy lifestyle then you will enjoy selling health food products.If you love to see persons well dressed then you may consider a foray in women’s apparel.

2.Remain in your day job until you have built a niche.Where possible begin part time and test your ideas and products.Improve your products and services and as you expand your customer base you will know when to take on the business full time.

3.Two heads are better than one.The personal emotional toll of a new business is best shared than doing a lone ranger thing.So a spouse or business partner to pray with you and sustain the push is a wonderful thing.I write from experience.

4.You will sell if you are able to add value.It does not have to be a better mousetrap in order to sell.You just need to find a way to add value; perhaps your market just can’t get the mousetrap on time and at their location.

5.Give quality customer service to your people.It is better to have 100 great customers that you can service than 1000 that you can’t keep track of because your system is not yet ready for so many.

6. Making money is important but making money is not everything. You must take time for quality of product and quality of service and these two will make more money but not necessarily in the short run.

7. Network! Your existing customer base is a rich mine of referrals.

8. You need faith to go on. On those rough days when the car is in the garage and the bills are piling up and the customers are behind on payments you need something bigger than self to keep you going. I am religious so I dedicate my life and all my activities to God.

9. Give back something to the community. The ancient system of tithing is still a blessing.

10. Listen to your customers and allow their needs to shape your plans. Continuous improvement in products and services should be centred on the customer.


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