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10 Tips for Maintaining Consistent Work-Life Balance

Updated on July 23, 2017

TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Yes, That’s all we get. No matter how much we wish, complain, or plan for some really innovative time management plan. Nothing’s going to change that. Stop trying hard to squeeze that mind-bending workload into a tiny bundle of a day. And yes, not to forget, the family accountabilities, household upkeep, societal commitments, and LIFE, if you remember.

We, now and then, relieve ourselves with the idea that life will get cooler and stress-free as we turn into an established person. As soon as we’ll land to that dream place of work or take our business to another level and all that. Unluckily, life doesn’t work that way. Yes, our life needs a break. Our life demands a balance. When we lose balance in life, our work performance depreciates, relationships get on the skids and nurturing abilities go down the drain.

So, what can we do to save ourselves from the breakdown in the midst of the mayhem and chaos? Here, comes an efficient “Work-Life Balance” to our salvage. What’s that? Definitely a lot more than the farewell between our personal and work life. A healthy work-life balance is the borderline that we build between our job, business, or career and every other slice that buffers our existence.

Hard work is essential and admirable but not to the point of turning into a ‘workaholic’. A ‘workaholic’ by no means gets the time to adore the fruitage of his efforts.

Therefore, now, we are presenting 10 truly obliging work-life balance tips to maintain a consistent lifestyle. These tips are tried-and-tested to lend you a hand to have a break from the over-scheduled, unceasingly challenging and not-enough-hours-in-the-day lives.

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Learn to say no

You don’t have to come to an agreement to each entreaty that comes your way. Both at the workplace and at home, it’s completely right, healthy, and essential to set restrictions for balancing work and family. Be cautious about what jobs and activities you must add to your eventful and demanding agenda.

Ask for some help

Let’s confess it. No matter how awesome you are at ‘multitasking’, you are not a ‘Superman’ or ‘Superwoman’. If you find yourself overawed with quite a lot of errands, give the go-ahead for what you have to do right now and what not. Line up the stuff that is most important. The stuff that is left might go to somebody else. Ask yourself if anyone else can help you out in embarking upon your works. Not only will this boost your performance, but also help you fight loneliness like a pro.

Don’t try to be ‘Perfect’; trust me, no one ever can

It takes a lot of hard psychosomatic and emotional toil to understand that our chase for perfection is in vain. Life is way too small to do things to the point of perfection. There are hardly any people who notice the difference between a work that’s done fine and a task that’s done perfectly. Do it sound and move on. A hale, hearty, happy, and adequate life, for all intents and purposes, is based on LOVE. And you see, love has nothing to do with perfection.

Plan some idle time for a cup of coffee

Flexibility and time managing abilities are indispensable to attain and uphold a healthy work-life balance. If you find it hard to get some time for breaks in your day, follow a rather proactive tactic: plan a break for yourself. Instead of getting your tasks done back-to-back, leave a thirty-minute gap where you can relax, unwind yourself and catch up on stuff. Or just calm down for a second to have a comforting cup of coffee. Dredge up that you need some time to put your feet up and revitalize yourself. Nobody else is going to do anything to ease you off or help you attain a balance between personal and professional life.

Sweat it out

The workout is one of the paramount stress relievers you can discover. And the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE! You can loosen yourself up by taking some time out and going for a nippy walk or jog. Do some sit-ups. Alternatively, yoga is a remarkable way of releasing the strain that can accumulate over the course of a nerve-wracking day. Exercise is not just great for you physically but can offer you a huge emotional boost, as well. You will feel more vigilant and engrossed after working out, and that must be the first thing to checkmark in your to-do list.

A huge ‘NOPE’ to gossipers

Then, you’ll find a lot of people who just believe in the idea of ‘take and take’. You perhaps know such people very well, who won’t ever stop linking you in all the nuisance of their lives. Yes, I’m talking about those tattletales and gossipers who do nothing but ditch your drive. If you have such people in your life, decide on restraining the time you devote to them for achieving work-life balance.

Take a break

In half an hour or less, you can ease off, de-stress, loosen up, chill out, refocus, and revive yourself. Why not take a walk, read a book, or sit back and breathe easy? You can play with your pet, hang on to music, or flip through your beloved weekly. You can compose yourself by getting your hands on gardening or simply take a deep nap. And, as soon as you mellow out, get back to work. Your upgraded efficiency and productivity will more than trump up for the half an hour of “down time.”

Say a big ‘NO’ to Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp

Who doesn’t grab a short, little break to check out WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other so-called ‘Social Networking’ websites? Well, I agree, that they can be an amazing way to simmer you down. But, if these traps are overriding huge chunks of your valuable time(trust me, they really can!), then try to sidestep from them and stop offering them your courtesy. On a short notice, you’ll discover that you are saving yourself a lot of your precious time by concentrating on what must be done rather than those obvious pictures in your News Feed.

Grab a breathing space to play some music

The most imperative thing to apprehend is that you do not have to make enormous, far-reaching changes to your life to catch a better life and work balance. Just a little respite can create a huge difference. Grab a place to pull out your music player and pin your ears back to some mellow music or play a game on your smartphone.

Get a massage or book a “spa”

What soothing and reasonable ‘gift’ can you present yourself at the end of a tiring week? A decent way to restore serenity of the mind and soul is to have a calming therapeutic massage treatment from qualified massage therapists. A curative massage has the capability to reconstitute your perception, combat fretfulness and pressure, by aiding your body to recuperate and pull through. Investing in a comforting massage or spa session every week will not just help you unwind, but will also let you feel super confident in no time.

There’s a lot more to life apart from your career. Your family, personal growth, sanctity, health, well-being, friendships, relationships and what not! If you save yourself some time to face what every single day has in store for you, you will find yourself to be way more content and better-off. As soon as you begin to create borders between your work and life balance, you begin to attain self-actualization and personal gratification. Your spiritual condition becomes more self-possessed, vibrant, and influential as you are well-versed and balanced.


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