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Best tips to work on paid to click websites.

Updated on January 22, 2014

Check following while choosing paid to click websites for advertising.

There are various paid to click websites on internet. You may choose one or more of the best paid to click websites, considered following before selecting :

- Secure and stable environment ( long duration of online availability )

- Professional support ( contacts should be 24 X 7)

- Instant services (services and payment in & out should be instant ).

- High traffic

- Innovative ideas (latest and advance strategies).

- Customer oriented business ( work with in win-win environment)

- Forum support ( should have discussion forum on which various members and advertisers may discuss their doubts, stories and agendas).

How To Work On Paid To Click Website !!!

I am sharing my personal experiences about paid to click sites, from which i am earning online. If you are an active member of any of PTC Site, take care of following:

1. Strictly follow the terms of service provided by PTC owner or other paying sites.

2. Be active daily. Log in to your account daily to view results of your past activities.

3. Never rush for purchasing any thing. Just visit to web forums daily to share other's experience about the product you are going to purchase.

4. Click all available advertisements daily.

5. Share your referral link on your blogs or websites to get direct referrals.

6. Marketing of your referral link is very important. Use Traffic exchanges, social websites etc for sharing your link.

7. Try to make direct contact with your all direct referrals.

8. Do ad grid, ad prize or other ad games provided by PTC Sites. Always try your luck to win prizes, someday you surely win.

9. Do not use any cheating methods to earn money on PTC sites. Always maintain terms of services.

10. Do not try to make money fast, just earn slowly, slowly and grow big. Making money too fast by purchasing or other methods may keep you in loss always,.

11. Try to purchase or upgrade membership from the earned money first. This will boost your confidence level and your desire to earn money.

12. When you upgraded from free membership to paid membership , you have take special care of your account for profits. Ask yourself, are you really in profit ?

13. Calculate your daily earnings and note down all of purchase and profits.

14. Calculate your break even point between each weeks. Break even point (BEP) calculation is necessary to know how much you are earning.

15. Try to choose following method to contact your direct referrals

  • E-mail chats like gmail, yahoo etc.
  • Social networking site like facebook, twitter etc.
  • Video conferencing , skype, other mobile and desktop application.

16. Try to share all your success stories at business, it will boost up confidence level of your direct referrals and makes you in profit.

17. Take care for direct referral about any queries raised by them and furnish them true an latest information.

18. Do not hurry up for referral purchase until you need them.

19. Try to convenes your direct referrals to upgraded their membership. Share your earning stories to boost up their confidence level.

20. Start working on forum to share and gain latest strategy about earning.

21. Never share your password with any one.

22. Choose correct payment processors , which works best in your country.

23. Start network marketing on internet , mobile or media to boost your down line so your income.

24. Keep record of each withdrawal you make from paid to click sites.

25. Share your payment proof with your down line. Hide the unwanted information you do not want to share.

benefits of advertising your ads on Paid to Click website

I am sharing my experiences here, you may boost up your online business through advertising on paid to click websites. Your advertisements will be viewed by hundred of visitors daily. Followings are the benefits by publishing you advertisement on paid to click websites.

- Enhanced management
- Millions of potential clients
- Demographic filter
- Strong anti-cheat protection
- Detailed statistics
- Your needs, your choice
- AdPrize Credits or other Adgrid credits

Think about millions of potential clients, which will boost up your profit rapidly. Do not wait choose one of the best paid to click website and start advertising your business.

General terms of services provided on paid to click websites

There are lots of terms of services provided by paid to click members which are depends upon company to company. I am telling here you some most and common terms of services generally provided by paid to click website owner and that are:

(1) Multiple accounts : Multiple accounts are not allowed on paid to click website. If you make multiple accounts for same member will cause suspension of all accounts. You can have one account only and never try to attempt make duplicate accounts.

(2) Household accounts: Household accounts are allowed but remember you can't share your IP address with each other.

(3) Internet connections: Generally paid to click websites are supported with static IP address. So do not use random internet connection, do not use wi-fi or public network connection.

(4) Any kind of publicity in forum section are supported by paid to click websites.

(5) Accounts are not transferable.

(6) Chose correct username what you want because paid to click websites generally do not provide options to modify your basic data.

(7) You may refer many peoples but some paid to click website has restricted number of referrals.

(8) After minimum time (some has 30 days) of inactivity, account may be temporary suspended.

(9) Some paid to click website do not allow you to frequently change of account settings.

(10) Paid to click websites are not support tax payment to regulatory authorities.

Payment processor on paid to click website

Generally following payment processor are provided by paid to click website owners :

(1) Solid Trust Pay

(2) Ego-pay

(3) Neteller

(4) Pyaza

(5) Paypal

(6) International Checks

(7) Bank transfers

(8) Perfect Money

(9) Entropay

(10) Wepay

and many more.

How to choose correct payment processor ?

  • Choose services which allow merchants to use both credit cards and debit cards.
  • Choose processor which provide best services in your country.
  • Consider that minimum transaction fee taken by processors.
  • Some processor has auto withdrawal policies, which enable you to easy working on that.
  • Always choose secured payment processors.
  • Never try to furnish any additional information without asked by them.
  • Conversation rate of currency is also important factor while choosing international payment processors.

Conclusion about paid to click website !

There are various websites on internet which provides you the list of best paid to click website. Ensure reading of all forums , term of services and earning calculators before joining any paid to click website.Paid to click website provide you the easiest way to make money online and also allow you improve your own business by advertising your business.

There are various fake paid to click website on internet that are not paying, so beware of them and never rush to join. Before joining any paid to click website you should ensure about their payment histories.

Paid to click website are good option for small business operator, online store owner, working women, student and for any one who wants to make extra income form the internet.

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© 2014 Anil Seveniya


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      3 years ago

      Just clicking ad by yourself would take forever to reach the minimum payout since 1 ad only worth $0.001 for most of the trusted website. So thats why referral are really important.

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