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10 Top Qualities of an Amazing Founder

Updated on August 24, 2016

Traits of an amazing founder

What does it take to start a sustainable business? What makes an organization thrive? You might say performance. Well, focusing on performance is just half the story. The other half lies in the ability of your business to accept, align, renew, and execute change faster than your rivals while staying stable. It is possible if you are a strong leader with all the qualities of an amazing founder– someone who understands the value of the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang in business. This implies that there are opposites everywhere, but the real focus should be on establishing integration between opposites in order to establish balance, harmony, and equilibrium.

Someone with a drive to make things happen has the potential to become an amazing founder, says Kanwal Reikhi of Investus Capital.

  1. Energetic: Besides having a strong vision of the future, a leader must always remain full of energy. If a leader is drained of energy, then this spells doom for their business. Other executives are most likely to experience energy depletion. A leader is a motivator, who encourages the other men on board to stay full of energy, passion, and commitment. If such attitude lacks on the leader’s front, then they are most likely to lead their company to ashes. As a leader, you ought to be energetic and learn how to motivate other stakeholders.
  2. Salesman: Yes, you have read it correct. A good leader is a great salesman, who can articulate the real value of their business to different stakeholders and win business. No, this does not mean they should exhibit traits of dishonesty. Honesty was and is the best policy still. Startup is like a baby. Founders have the intellectual ability and actual capability to nurture and grow this baby.
  3. Flexible: The best leader is one who is flexible in their approach to things and willing to challenge age-old notions, accept ongoing changes, and make appropriate adjustments to take their business to new heights. You cannot be stubborn not to accept change. You should be patient enough to overcome challenges and stand the test of time.
  4. Innovative: Of course, this is the age of innovation. A strong leader is also an innovative thinker, who doesn’t simply follow the ideas suggested by others but also comes up with their own innovative solutions that work. In the initial stages of your business, being a founder, it is you and only you, who have to do it all. One of the top traits of a founder is to do things that don’t scale!
  5. Intellectually honest: In order to become an amazing founder, you have got to be intellectual as well as honest. Yes, the right term to describe these traits would be “intellectually honest.” Pitching vague concepts will not work. You have got to be conscious and intellectually honest about your business.
  6. Thinker: Someone who stays positive, is a motivating force, and is a great thinker. When the situation demands, a leader can brainstorm and demonstrate it to others as to how to move from one point to another, without taking liberty with facts.
  7. Responsible: You have got to learn to own failures in order to become a great leader. You cannot simply shift the blame on others and run away from failures. If you do so, you are unintentionally going the wrong way, which would only shunt you out of business.
  8. Acknowledge potential: You are a leader with a vision. Now it is time to acknowledge the potential of others. So motivate other stakeholders and become a driving force to lead your team to success. However, you must be able to ignore the haters, naysayers, and those that spread negativity.
  9. Fair play: You cannot be biased in business. The notion of fair play holds equal importance in the business world as well. Bias, nepotism, and unfairness can have a negative impact on the team and ultimately your business. This is something you would want to avoid at all costs. One of the top qualities of an amazing founder is to indulge in fair play!
  10. Sense of value exchange: No, you don’t need to an economist or from financial background to be an amazing founder. But you certainly need to have a sense of economics. This shows up when setting deal terms. As a founder, you have got to be curious enough to find “what’s in it for me” and for other stakeholders. Is it a WIN-WIN deal? This is one way you can survive and flourish in the competitive environment.



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