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10 Common Interview Mistakes Made by Interviewees

Updated on December 10, 2017

1. Unprepared

A very common interview mistake is going to an interview unprepared. Before going on an interview, visit the company’s website to learn as much information as you can about it. You want to gain as much knowledge about the company and the position as possible. Review the information beforehand so it can be fresh in your memory. Never be unsure of what a company you want to work for stands for and how they operate. When you are asked questions such as, “What do you know about this company?”, you won’t be stumped without an answer. You don’t have to remember every little detail. Also, you want to have questions prepared to ask the interviewer for when they ask you do you have any questions. Asking questions shows you’re interested and want to know more. Questions reveal the way you think.

2. Lack of Interest

Showing a lack of interest means you are not making eye contact, not sitting up straight and slow in response to questions. Not being able to communicate why you are interested in the job/company just wouldn’t seem right. You can’t convince someone to give you the job if you don’t want it for yourself. Showing enthusiasm shows you are very much interested in the job and the company.

3. Inappropriate Attire

Inappropriate attire is one of the most common interview mistakes. Always look professional and well put together when going on an interview. Inappropriate attire such as clothes that are to small, tight, or way to big shouldn’t be worn. Appearance is everything and is the first thing someone sees when looking at you. Trust me, the interviewer does notice how you show up to the interview. Keep the Keep the perfume, cologne, or makeup to a minimum.

4. Don’t Bring Anything to Drink

Have a drink before the interview if need be. It’s very unprofessional to drink while in the interview. Drinks may be an easy distraction. Your focus should be on making a good lasting impression. Focus on questions being asked and making good eye contact. The last thing you want is for a drink to spill.

5. Lack of Resume Knowledge

When asked about your resume, provide specific information. Recreating your employment history of your resume for a specific position may cause confusion. Such as you might explain a past position that's not even on your resume for a different particular position. Review your resume to make sure you know the correct employment history. Incorrect work history makes it look like that you are lying. Make it accurate in reference to the position. Bring a few extra copies of your resume in case you have more than one interviewer and if you need to refer to it for yourself.

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6. Arriving Late

Arriving late is a bad first impression. If you arrive late, the interviewer will feel you will not make it to work on time. Arrive between 10-15 minutes early. Leaving your house early gives a chance for unexpected mishaps on the road. Some interviewers won’t even interview you if you are a minute late. If the interviewer does happen to interview you after being late, apologize with reason. Being late is disrespectful to the interviewer and they will think you do not value their time.

7. Unprofessional

Chewing gum or eating while interviewing is disrespectful and unprofessional. Although it may seem to take nervousness away, it’s not a good look and no one wants hear you smacking. When asked about a previous company or manager, don't talk negatively or use inappropriate language. If you can bad mouth previous employers, it would be nothing for you to bad mouth your possible future employer if you leave on bad terms. It would be awkward just to find out that the person or company that you are badmouthing is relative to the interviewer or company. Being able to work well with others no matter the circumstances shows willingness to get the job done.

8. Talking to Much

You never want to ramble on about things that the answer to the question does not get answered. Especially personal things. Avoiding answering the questions makes it seem as if you didn’t understand the question. Know the difference between bragging and being confident. You want to try to keep your answers to the point and at a 3 minute max. No matter how comfortable the interview may seem, keep it professional and not personal. Don’t give your whole life story, just simply answer the question.

9. Cell Phone

Turn your cell phone off. A cell phone ringing is rude and disruptive. A vibrating phone is very tempting to answer. You want the interviewer to know that your phone is not your top priority. You can’t answer or make calls during the interview so keep it away.

10. Poor listening

Don’t interrupt the interviewer. When talking, you may miss the question. Don’t be that one that zones out during an interview. Rest well to make sure you are up and alert. Distractions have an impact on your answers. Even when you think they aren’t paying attention, they are! If you can’t focus in the interview, how can you focus on the job?


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