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8 great tips to help workers

Updated on April 23, 2012

1. Suppress your stress bud

Lets begin with a presentation of a familiar white collar work scene. You are in your boss' office and he is screaming at you concerning that proposal you didn't write properly; or maybe it is the fact that the job you are being given is simply overwhelming. At the same time, the thought of your kids at home come into mind and then there is the ongoing discussion amongst your co-workers about how inefficient and dishonest you are. Regardless of the kind of job you are doing or how your situation is, you are probably spending more and more feeling all frazzled and out of control instead of being relaxed. Lets face fact though stress would always be part our daily lives but when it gets extreme, it becomes a serious problem.

2. Work with the goal of being indispensable

No one can be perfect but being indispensable can be achieved. For a fact, we know that the indispensable ones almost never get laid off and if they do, there would serious disapproval from all departments concerning that choice. Being indispensable does not always involving you working your ass but it can come in the manner with which you get to interact with the people within your job vicinity. Being the one that keeps people's spirits alive in your work place and being that special person people always turn to in their time of need would go a long way in improving your reputation with your co-workers and those you answer to

3. Improve your communication skill

No matter what your job, clear and efficient communication would be always a basic requirement. It is extremely important that the information you are communicating is clear to the recipient. When communicating with people either verbal, electronically or otherwise you must speak to them in a manner that portrays a professional tone. Your choice of words and grammar would influence what people think of you but more importantly you should put yourself in the recipients shoes and see if you get to really understand what you are conveying to the recipient. Also take your time to actually listen to what people tell instead of what you think they told you

4. Be proactive

Lagging behind in the system would never be tolerated no matter what the circumstances are. From your first day of work, always have it in mind that you would be one to facility a part of your job's progress. So what ever creative idea you come with that you believe would help the business progress , always ensure to share it with the right people.

If you are part of a team make that extra effort to be that stand out member of the team . Do the work you are given to the best of your ability and if you offer help to other members of the team one way or the other, ensure to do so

Remember, act preemptively not reactively

5.Take care of yourself

What most people fail to realize is that their job is not life but simply a means of getting income. A relative of mine once told of a man that worked at a company where he termed 'indispensable'. This guy worked so hard at that company that the job eventually took toll of his health which lead to his death. After he died, the company had to employ 3 people to deal with the work load this one man was doing.

No matter what you do, your life should never revolve your work. Start by taking note of your physical and emotional health. Do things that would take your mind away from work and make you feel more relaxed. Enjoy the moment with those that matter most to you when ever the chance presents itself. When your own need are taken care of, you are in a stronger physical and mental state to deal with your work

6. Get organized

I can not stress how important organization is in your work. Knowing what to do at the right time and how to do it would speak highly of you. If you are not organized, you are going to end up spending searching for valuable things and get yourself unnecessarily frustrated.

Moreover when it is time to get serious, get serious. Avoid any form of distraction that would come your way

7. Get comfortable in your work place

Lets be honest here, if your are not comfortable with either your work place or the job you are doing, there is no way you work effectively.I am not looking at it in terms of the job/ work place being bad, but more of your attitude to your work from the first day. The simple truth is that you get never judge a book from its cover or what people say about it. So be open minded when going through the chapters of your job and look for those things that bring out the optimism in you and use them as your tool of inspiration

8. Define your goals

No matter what your goals always forge for it as you carry out work each day. Is it to get that promotion ? or earn that pay raise? or simply to gain new friends in your work? Fact is that it does not matter what it but the important is that you have one in the first place. Never let any thing hinder your progress in your quest to achieve your goal

Hope you found this tips here really .helpful . Ensure to carry in your place of work and see the result

an acorn is a chav


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    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

      These are a lot of really good tips. Great hub!