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10 Facts That Say You Might Quit or Lose Your Job Soon

Updated on January 21, 2018
Tony Okey profile image

Tony is a young man with so much love for writing. He will be certified with a degree in Communication Technology in a few years.


You never know what happens in white collar jobs, irrespective of your eminence and significance in the workplace; you just can never tell when you will get the axe and be on your way out through the front door. This part of the pack is meant to expose to you those moments that sum up the critical periods in your place of work.

From the minute you turned to a worrisome employee, to the moment you were handed the brown (or whichever colour, it doesn’t really matter) envelope by a face with a smirk on it.

Unlike family businesses, white or blue collar jobs, the ones where you actually answer to a boss are completely unpredictable. You might be the hero yesterday when you were the reason the company just signed off on a lucrative contract and the next day you are the villain; the example that needs to be set or ‘The Scapegoat’ as most Directors and Executive Officers would prefer, as those two words come with a strong message.

Are you ready?

So now that you have known your invisibility rating is zero, finish this piece to unearth when to start expecting a sack letter. We all know winter is here, but you should dread that envelop more than how the entire ‘City of Westeros’, ‘Wildlings’, ‘Northerners’ dread the ‘White-walkers’ and ‘The Army of the Dead’ in the Game of Thrones movie series.

So...For the First Part

1. Hate It every Monday morning?

Is it really normal for you to hate your job at any moment? Yes! In fact, it means you are human, but hate is a mean word too. It can be always tiring and heartbreaking whenever one remembers there is work the next day when hanging out and having so much fun with friends.

Sometimes you are forced to watch what you drink so you don’t end up having a hangover on a Monday morning; most times you just decide to take a pass because you would prefer missing the party than go late to work.

Sometimes, it is not always about parties or fun, but rather the thoughts of having to attend to those sets of disrespectful and annoying customers or the tons of documents and files that needs to be processed, and the list can go on and on.

Despite the odd sides of the job it still pays the bills, so it is worth it until that dream job comes around. Until then, if you make it a habit to hate the job more frequently than Monday mornings, then you should know that you are on course of seeing yourself out the front door.

2. You just want to quit the job

What happens when you start hating the job and all you see is actually the odd or bad sides of the job, what then? What happens when you hate something?

Whatever that is, you just want to cut it off, even if it is your job. The rate at which you are late to work is disturbing at this point, but still yet, you do not seem to have nor show any remorse about your actions. You go for launch breaks and return thirty minutes later than supposed and you still feel cool about it. That is what happens when you hate your job, quitting it is all you think of.

There is always a zero tolerance for lateness in any workplace, and continuously disrespecting this rule lands you outside the building with no possibility of returning as an employee.

3. You just do not care about your job again

In relationships, it is touted that love fades with time, and that the intensity of the bond which brought a man and a woman together as husband and wife weakens and might eventually break if the relationship is not treated like a new one. Treat your partner in the same manner as to which you did during the early days of your relationship, same love and affection and everything will just be fine.

The understanding and tolerance will eventually grow and the wall you two will build around will withstand trials and tribulations. (Hope you find this free relationship tip useful) This is also applicable in your place of work, you just have to work like an employee who just got recruited and wants to impress; that is of course if you want to keep your job.

But if it is the other way round, then you should know that the moment you start hating your job, you are inviting the dreadful envelop!

4. Has Google become the new friend helping you find a better job?

Do you really think you can actually earn a living by merely sitting in your home, in front of a computer and the figures in your bank account will rapidly count up? It just does not work that way!

Many ads on the internet always promise a fulfilling and lucrative work from home opportunities, where you just have to click stuffs to earn a good living. The bitter truth is, there is no such thing. There are lots of things you could do from home and earn good money, but it is never going to be a walkover; because you actually need to put in time, energy and the most important of all discipline.

So, if you have been goggling a lot about making a ton of money working from home and you think it is going to be easy, it’d be better you be sure of what you want and also remember the popular saying, ‘be careful of what you wish for.’
You might get lost in your dreamland, forgetting about the reality that faces you, the files that need to be processed, the emails that need to be replied, and the leads that should be followed up.

It is a good thing to dream big and optimistic, but it also disastrous to forever remain in fantasy when the real challenges are in front of you.

5. You are habitually reluctant about answering your boss’s phone call

In or away from the workplace, an employer is supposed to be able to call an employee on phone for different reasons. Tenaciously staying incommunicado is not something any employer wants from an employee that is on the company’s payroll. Communication is important for any business to grow, and the most important part of teamwork is communication.

So for this reason, if your boss cannot communicate with you as often as deemed satisfactory, you should know you are on the wrong track and should consider retracting if you still want to keep your job.

For nothing is as frustrating as having your call not answered and returned during critical times.

6. You are less concerned when your boss yells at you

A boss is in short a superior, someone that is in charge and has you as a subordinate. It is their job to make sure that everyone stay in line, has their hands on deck to help propel the company and uphold its values and aid in accomplishing company goals. So when a superior shout at subordinates or workers inferior by rank it simply means that there is a sense of lacklustre and unproductive character.

Employees hate it when they get shouted at by their superiors, but it is a scene that is unavoidable when one is performing below par, so the need for caution. You don’t want your boss to shout or yell at you because it is embarrassing, humiliating and most important of all, doesn’t say well about your job security. You become unnerved and this is not the mood you want to be in when working in institutions; but what if you don’t get any of these feelings, you are completely cool with all the yells and shouts.

When you don’t worry about a problem it means you are not scared of it, and as a matter of fact you are comfortable facing it.

But do you really want to lose your job?

If your boss suspects you don’t mind his words and that you see his complaints and shouts as noises or nuisance, then again, watch out; for that envelop might be coming your way.

7. Boss wants to know what you know?

This particularly applies to start-ups and small scale businesses, because in a business or company where there are five hundred employees or more, the Manager or Executive Officer doesn’t need to learn your skills. This is likely to happen if you are a very important figure in your workplace, maybe because you chair a role that is very unique and fundamental; and also, replacing you will be somewhat difficult.

Despite your prowess, no boss will like to have an employee that feels untouchable, for in white or blue collar jobs almost anyone is expendable. So what is the plan of your employer? To know what you know, theoretically and practically. This mustn’t be direct, you might be asked to feed your knowledge to a so-called “Intern” who has been secretly recruited to replace you. So whatever you game is, tread with caution and if you want to keep that job, then you have got to turn your boss.

8. Your boss starts doubting if you are worth your pay.

The summary of this stage or phase is ‘You have lost a vote of confidence’. Your boss is certainly not convinced about your skills and abilities; more practically, not convinced that you can still add value to the company. There is a saying, not sure how popular it is to you but it is worth remembering. ‘Abilities can get you to higher places, but only your attitude keeps you there’

Character is key to success; tolerance too. If there is anything you do not like about your current job and you think you can take care of the bills even if you get sacked, why not resign instead (better for your resume). But if the job is all you have got, and you find yourself wanting here, you’d be better off proving to your employer that you are worth every penny you get. Work and earn back your employer’s respect.

9. You tell people you want to or have quit your job

This is just about the later stage; the end of a tragic story per say. And it is very common among workers who intend to resign or have sensed they might be on their way out of the job for the wrong reason.

Whichever comes first, for better or worse, it is either you get served an envelope with a letter that appreciates your efforts and contributions to the company in as many days since your employment, but unfortunately...they wish you success and so on and so forth. Or you hand in your envelope containing a resignation letter, in order to be able to pursue your bigger goals.

10. Is your answer ‘YES’ to five out of the above nine signs?

Pause for a moment and scroll up, then give answer to each of the other nine (9) signs that has been discussed; a straight YES or NO.

Now, how many YES did you answer? Did you answer YES to at least five (5) signs?

If you did, then you should know that there is a 50/50 chance that your current job is not secure and you should probably positively transform your activities in your workplace.

Fact Check

Have you noticed any of these signs in your job?

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