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Top 10 skills and attributes required to get a job

Updated on November 27, 2011

No matter what your skills are the way you project yourself in the interview and the image you get across are what will ensure the job is yours.

How do you know what the person(s) sitting across you want? How can you say and do the things that will get you the thumbs-up?

The first impressions are the best. Once a negative impression is formed, you will have to stand on your head to reverse it. The first firm handshake, a confident smile, the manner in which you sit and the body language when speaking to your prospective employers say a good deal about you. But, what will impress them most? What are the specific qualities that employers look for, in interviewees?

Interpersonal and communication skills – This is one of the most important qualities that a person has to have and develop-the skills to be able to communicate effectively and manage people easily. When on a job , the academics comes readily and you put to use all that you have learnt.What you need in order to keep your job is to be able to speak what is on your mind so that what you say , what you think and what you want , are very much the same. You should be able to communicate effectively both while speaking and writing. That apart, how you relate to your superiors, co-workers and other people will ensure that you carry out your duties successfully. From the word go, the ease with which you talk to the interviewers and the clarity of your answers will ensure you get the position.

Industry Knowledge – This is the next most important trait that the company will look for. In-depth, current knowledge of your domain and the expectations of the position you have applied for, should match. If you can offer the kind of expertise that your employer is looking for, you are sure to be hired.

Work Experience- An inexperienced person makes a lot of mistakes.The last thing employers want is a person starting with a zero learning curve, unless they have hired young graduates for the purpose of training, in which case, lack of work experience will not matter. Each industry is different and experience counts.

Critical Reasoning, Technical and Problem-Solving Skills – A requirement your employers will look for is how well you can analyze a given situation and formulate a strategy to solve a problem. This is essential because you are constantly bombarded with all kinds of situations when you are working. What technical skills do you have that will come in handy when you are faced with a crisis? How well do you understand the problem on hand? Can you solve the problem effectively? The selectors will look for answers to these questions when interviewing a prospective employee.

Leadership Skills – Are you a follower or do you take the initiative when in a group? A group needs a leader and only a few have the aptitude to lead. It is not wrong to be a good team-player. It is equally important that a person gets along well in a team and works with the group. But, such people are more in number as compared to those who can influence a set of people , take decisions and are basically self-starters. Definitely, this trait is a strong plus point when you seek a job.

Teamwork Skills – It is a positive thing to be able to lead, but integrating well with a group, exchanging ideas, taking directions from team-leaders, is an accomplishment too. First, a person has to be a team member before becoming a team leader. How well you adapt to a new group will define your success in the firm.

Quality of Academic Results- If a person has always maintained good grades in his academics , has achieved honors , has got selected into a good University , then there is no doubt that he is very intelligent , disciplined and hard-working. So, by just looking at the academic achievements, these few qualities of the employee can be discerned and they are definitely desirable attributes. The first impressions are important and your certificates will make them.

Emotional Intelligence – When working with a team, the confident manner with which you interact with them, and the empathy that you show to your co-workers indicate your maturity and self-control. You should be able to motivate people and yourself. There will be many tense situations in the workplace and your capacity to handle your emotions well will help you survive in the firm. The employers will judge this when speaking to you and ask specific questions on situations where you had to manage you anger and self-control.

Extra-curricular Activities – How does this particular trait have any bearing on a job interview, one may ask.Ample.Firstly being involved in many activities or sport like diving, gliding, stamp-collecting, writing, indicates how much you have broadened your horizons. Such a person, who has a wide range of interests, will generally not get too stressed out and will find some avenue to release his tensions. This is important to be able to function well in a firm. Further, people with many interests generally get along very well socially because they can talk on several subjects. These are positive attributes which will impress an employer.

Multicultural Sensitivity – These days people are not confined to working in their own state, or countries. They are on the move. The ability to integrate and bond with people of various cultures is definitely a great quality. Respect for all cultures, an understanding of others mindsets and the capacity to get along with anyone irrespective of what background or country they are from, are strong traits in a person. Also, one must be ready to compromise and adapt to a new cultural environment.


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