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Legit ways to make money online

Updated on May 10, 2015

Online income legit or scam?

There are way to many scams out there and telling the difference between a scam and a legit online opportunity can be aggravating.

Most scams will always want money from you. Scams will make everything sound to good to be true.

Scams will almost always ask for personal info and that you buy something.

Legit opportunities will offer information and opportunity without trying to sell you anything.

Although some legit opportunities can be horrible opportunities.

These horrible opportunities are more about the product or service you have to buy. usually a training video or money making system.

So there are some legit opportunities that will charge you and some scams that will not charge and will only ask for personal info.

Before you pick any kind of income always research it through multiple sources. If there are hundreds of reviews saying it's a scam it most likely is.

If there are some reviews saying its good and some saying its a scam then I'd suggest moving on to something else because it may not be a scam but it most likely won't be helpful.

10 online incomes


There are multiple sites where you can write ARTICLES or BLOGS and get paid. Also there are many businesses that will pay you to write an article or blog for them. Here is a couple examples of some sites to make money writing.


The best way to make money online writing in my opinion is to become a freelance writer. Make your own website learn how to draw traffic to this site. Also make business cards and give them to people you see in public. You make your own hours and your own prices!

Most freelancers write articles, blogs, website pages, and edit/proofread for their customers. The thing is that you don't have to do those things specifically just write about what ever you wan't. Those services just draw in the most customers.

freelance writers have a average salary of 65,000 a year

here is a website to help find work for a freelancer

If you enjoy writing poems stories and or songs then entering in poetry contest and publishing your work might be the way to go. (should only be part time because there is no way of know how successful you will be)

here are some sites


There are many affiliate programs out there. The main idea of these programs is to offer an individual the opportunity to make money selling another persons product/service. Most of these programs are offered by sites that sell a good or service but they will also pay you to give them traffic from your own site.

If you already have a website you can put an affiliate link into it then you could make money each time someone clicks on that link and buys a product.

Or you can make a niche website (a website revolving around one product or service) this type of site revolves around the idea of bringing traffic to another site so the traffic will buy that sites product or service.

FOR EXAMPLE: you could make a niche site about the best online rpg games. All you would have to do is put a little content about those games and put some affiliate links in there. Then fill it with ads and you have a niche site.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: a website about the best guitars and best guitar deals. you could become a affiliate with the website and put affiliate links up on your site. Every time someone goes through your site and buys a guitar through that link you make money.

The main goal of these sites is to get ranked high in the search engines ( be one of the first results in google) This way they have more people clicking on them making more traffic. This gives them more buyers for the product/service. Although you can get paid just for traffic even if no one buys anything and that's called cpc (cost per click)

NOTE: the most successful niche sites are in one of these categories HEALTH, WEALTH, or ROMANCE.

EXAMPLES: How to lose weight, how to make money, how to get the girl of your dreams.

I would suggest these affiliate programs

Ebay affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program

directnetpartners affiliate program


The best way to go about this is only if you are a experience photographer. You can still make money but if your not good at what you do it may not be worth your time. Many of these sites make you pay to join and I would not recommend that if your a beginner. Although if you know your pictures will sell some of these sites are worth paying for to sell your photos.


Most people think of ebay which is right. Ebay is the #1 company for this online. However you could make much more money on your own if you do it right.

If you already have a craft your good at or a overabundance of products you know will sell or even just many many things in storage you can sell then you could make your own site and try to sell them on your own grounds. Although Ebay is a good way to sell things if you don't mind their fees. Either way you will have to pay for some kind of fee if your selling things online.

Besides the items you already own you can go out and find more things to sell. Either nature items or items you find in thrift stores and garage sales. You can turn 20$ into 1000 dollars easily with a little luck and knowledge of the items price.


There are some companies that will pay you to be a (shadow shopper) for other companies like fast food, theaters, restaurants, and more. (would not recommend this but they do pay)

Also there are some sites where you can review almost anything and get paid for it.

Then there are some sites to review music and get paid for it. For (slicethepie) you have to write a review about each song. The better the review the more you will get paid. With (musicxray) you do not write anything just press a button if you liked the song or not. The problem with these sites is they won't always have songs for you to review and they do not pay all that well.


Some people do not like the way this sounds but it isn't bad at all. If you have a talent or knowledge about something why not help other people and make a living doing it. Make a list of all the things you know how to do. If you enjoy any of them enough try to make a website all about that service. You can charge people for a session of teaching. Or you can make your own dvd/product and sell it to them.

Look for other companies that might pay you for your talent/ teaching service. I would suggest doing it on your own grounds though (make your own website and your own business entity)


So if you decide to make your own website for what ever reason. You can sell ad space to other companies! Just email other companies and negotiate a price for them to put an ad on your website.

Also if you are a you-tuber (your on youtube) Then you can monetize your account and get paid to have ads!

I would not suggest doing this if your youtube videos are directing your traffic towards your own site for your viewers to buy your product/service. I say that because if you have ads on your youtube video then many people might click on that instead of watching your video and then in return they won't ever go to your website and buy your product/service.

Best $ makers

What has made you the most money if any?

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