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10 ways to use your time productively while commuting for work

Updated on May 10, 2012

Commuting sometimes can be very time consuming and boring. If you got stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic. You may even feel the pain much more. Have you ever thought that you can actually get things done while commuting? Especially, with the advance of the technology, you can do many things while you are just sitting and waiting in the traffic.

These are the 10 most productive activities, I can think of

1. Check your work email

If your job heavily rely on email communication and your firm gives you blackberry or you have a ways to connect your company's intranet and email system. It is a perfect opportunity to read through your email and quickly reply a couple. This shows that you are available and reachable remotely.

If you are stuck in traffic, you can inform your manager that you will be late and provide ETA.

If there is early meeting set by you, you can reschedule. If others set the meeting and you are invited then you can let them know that you won't make it.

2. Review your mail

Many people complains about junk mail and not finding enough time to go through all mail. Well, you can do that while commuting. Do not spend your precious time for checking out your email. Spend your evening time for your family.

You can go one by one, discard the junk. If you see any bill among the mail, see 3rd way after this.

You may probably found some of them require to take action. You can have the opportunity to plan accordingly.

3. Pay your bill

Do not spend you time to pay your bill at home. Do it while commuting by using your internet connected device such iphone, ipad, android smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. You may already setup payee list in your online bank account, just login to your online banking account such as Chase, Bank Of America or Citibank and pay the bill. The most people prefer to make automated payment. Others afraid of losing oversight of his bill or simply may be worried about his account will be overdrafted. In average people may have at least 10 bill payment can m,ake on the road such as doctor, car insurance, phone, utility, credit card, internet, cable etc..

Let us know if you discovered more creative ways and would kike to share with us

4. Get some rest

Sleeping is not a bad idea. Especially, you had not got good sleep, you can refresh yourself for the work. Sleeping in those cases is not waste of time. It is a good investment to rejuvenate yourself.

5. Read Book

Another great way to spend your time is to read your favorite book from your kindle, nook, ipad or any digital devices. I see many people even reads book from their smartphone. E-book retailer amazon, barnes & noble and google etc.. created application platform where you can start your book in your PC and when you open the book from your smartphone it start where you left off in your PC.

6. Write hub

This one especially is great for hubbers and bloggers. You can surf the hubpages, comment the hubs, answer the questions or actually draft a new hub. You can save your new hub unpublished and perform finishing touch, addition of capsule and enrichment of your content when you have chance to see your hub draft in bigger screen device. I actually drafted this hub on the bus. I sent the content to my email. when I come to home, I copied and pasted to a new hub. Then, I edited enriched the content and performed further editing.

7. Check out your Facebook or Google+

If you have done everything you can as explained in first 7 steps, you may want to relax a little bit and login you social networking website. See what they have posted in your wall. You may even see your friends are online and chat with them.

8. Entertainment

This commute is extremely long. You have done everything, you planned. Just entertain yourself by watching movie or educate yourself by reading book in your iPad or android based tablet PC.

Well, hopefully you have still juice in tablet's battery. you have Netflix or Hulu Plus account and downloaded your content prior to trip.

9. Listen Music

Another entertainment method is to please your ears. Sometime listening music after long hours of work could relax you. You have many options such as radio, mp3 player, ipad, iphone, ipod and android smartphone. You may login to youtube account and play one of your favorite playlist.

10. Communicate with your destination

Life is all about planning. Think in advance, what will take your time when your reach your home. You may be waiting for warming up the meal. You may not be comfortable warming the food with microwave. then, you should call your spouse to start warming up the dinner. It will save time. You will eat your meal early enough so that you can digest before going to bed.

Let me know if you have interesting ideas. I have a long commute and running out of options. I even bought my plane ticket while commuting. I like to hear what you have done.


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    • DreamerMeg profile image


      6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Yes, and very useful for passengers. Drivers can also use their commute time too.

    • thoughtabout profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somerset, NJ

      This hub was for commuting as a passenger I might revise this hub once Google self driving cars are on the road

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      6 years ago from Northern Ireland

      I have used a commute (as a driver) to listen to audio books and to learn a language. When you are driving, you CANNOT check mail, or write hubs, etc, but you CAN listen to something more useful than a radio program where they decide what you are going to listen to. There are many useful audio tapes that can help you learn about areas that will help you with your work - professional updating and there are audio bulletins for many professions that help you keep up to date in your professional career. You can learn about stress management, time management, etc. Just do NOT listen to any hypnosis tapes, else you will be a dead commuter and so might other people.

    • katedonavon profile image


      6 years ago

      Good ideas if you are a passenger on the commute, but if you are driving, please pay attention to the road...Help us all stay safe.


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