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11 Ways to Get More Customer Referrals for Your Freelance Business

Updated on January 2, 2013

Freelance business is all about customer referrals if you won’t get those referrals you can’t expect to make an absolute progress. The more you get referrals the more likely your chances will be on a winning streak. You don’t need to promote your business anymore your customers will do that for you. However, I’ve embedded a list of unique ways through which you’d be able to get more business referrals.

Give Your Business Maximum Effort

If you give your 100 per cent efforts to your business you can certainly expect the same level of devotion and dedication from your customers. For this you need to ensure a legit business together with sheer incentives to those who refers. The moment your customers start counting on your handy business; your freelance business shall begin to thrive rapidly. All you have to do is to make them believe in your proposals and capabilities and the rest depends on them.

Ask Directly to Customers For Referrals

If you believe that you’ve maintained a credible freelance business in the eyes of your customers then there is no harm in asking for referrals. Just give them what they want and they’ll give you what you need. However, keep in mind you should not be asking that too often or in the preliminary stages of your business for it might go against your repute. Make your every business move count.

Know a Gem When You See One

It goes without saying that business clients should be treated on equal notes; however, sometimes you need to take care of your special customers more than others but not at the expense of others. These customers will do exceptional wonders for your business by creating a buzz around every corner. Just mark these customers and offer them incentives out of the blue to give them a reason for spreading a word for you.

Offer Discounts for Referrals

Freelance business is about enticing your customers toward outstanding offers. Well, that’s not going to happen if you won’t offer them some monetary compensation. Giving discounts for referrals is certainly one of them. It depends on your budget whether you present them 5% or 10% on the newest jobs. Just do it and you’ll see the vast difference within no time.

Is it a Business Card or a Coupon Code?

How about placing a coupon code at the back of your business card instead of telling them again and again your terms and conditions at that place. Bring a spark of doing something amazing in your customers.

Customer of the Month

This is by far the most useful and effective policy introduced by few companies. Simply remember your customers’ services by rewarding them with unique accolades every month. The declaration shouldn’t be kept secret instead it should be marked at the front business page apart from the customer’s profile.

Value your Customers’ Referrals

You don’t want to alienate your customers by compensating less than enough for their referrals. Give them value for what they do and make sure your investment doesn’t go in vain.

Seeking Comments from your Previous Customers

Ask your customers about leaving a feedback regarding your freelance business offers. Good comments posted at the ‘Home Page’ of your business website will definitely escalate the number of legit customers and consequently putting your business on the hot seat.

Your friends and family members

Friends and family members are one of the chief sources of spreading a word for your business. Introduce the idea of business referrals to your friends and in turn, they’ll refer these offers to their friends so on.

Remind Your Customers Why Your Business is Special

Try to convince your customers about why your business is different from others. Customers are usually more inclined to those offers which they consider unique and incomparable. Remind your clients of special privileges that make your business stand out in the business circles.

Make Sure to Incorporate ‘Thank You’ into Your Business Plan.

Finally add courteous words to your freelance business plan for it clarifies that you care your customers and value their performances. It’s another way of enticing your potential clients to make a referral.


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