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11 most common sales objections for telesales

Updated on November 5, 2010

Andrew Seaward is the one of the UK's foremost experts in telephone skills training


You've probably already heard these telesales objections

Handling objections is a key part of the role for any telesales or telemarketing person.

And the good news is that wthin a few weeks of doing a job you've probably already heard most of them already. As a result you should be ready for any sales objections you face on the phone, with your mental script ready.

The 11 main telephone sales objections are as follows;

1. Too expensive / can get it cheaper elsewhere
2. Happy with current supplier
3. Not right product / specification
4. Not in market at moment
5. Not got budget (or enough money)
6. Don't want it at the moment
7. Tied in with a form of supply agreement
8. Technical spec isn't good enough / had previous bad experiences
9. Use alternative method / way of doing it / Don't use product
10. Don't want to talk about it / not got time to consider it at moment (stalling)
11. Too far away, (distribution channel related - inconvenient)

Regardless of the industry sector you are in, these are likely to be the core objections you face. This is what we've got so far, but we'd like to ask for your help here too.

What are the major telephone sales objections you face? It is easy when working on the phone to think that the objections you face in your telesales or telemarketing role are unique. But of course most other people face the same objections in their role too. OK, the language may be a bit different but in essence it's the same thing. So all you have to do is develop the script - the words to deal with these.

There are of course many versions of these 11, but generally I find they nearly all come back to these major 11 sales objections. It is easy to think that the objections you face are unique to you, but many are the same all over the world irrespective of sector or country.

If you have any experiences of other key generic objections, that you think have been missed, please let me know.


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    strong n fit 4 years ago

    good advice thanks.