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15 Ways to Earn Money Online

Updated on March 19, 2013

Are you a fresh college graduate or layoff from your regular job and looking for work online? Most of us after we lose our job we immediately look for another one or sometimes we take a couple of days or weeks to rest. Have you ever think that if you have internet connection and a computer or laptop. You could actually use it to earn money. There are lot of ways to earn money online. Just be careful looking for these job because most of it are scams.

I have a list of different ways to earn money online and some tips on these jobs.

1. Web Research

Most common task on web research would be finding contacts from a company, websites or blogs. You just need to get their name, email address, phone number and physical address. After you have all of this you need to put these on the excel sheet provided by your client. Sometimes you'll research for keywords ranking page 1 on google search and they need this for SEO purposes. Taking this job is easy but its time consuming and pay rates are very low.

Its a good start on your homebased job. you don't need any critical qualification, as long you are able to use google search, find emails and use excel sheet, you are able to this kind of job.

2. Freelance Article Writer/ Content Writer/ Forum poster

If you have passion in writing and sharing your knowledge to other people. This job fits for you. Clients are hiring articles writers to add content on their blogs or website. The important thing that you need to remember is their qualification for article writer. Most of clients require writers to have 300-500 words, sometimes 700-900 words and it should pass on the article plagiarism checker. I also noticed that other blogs have posted many articles in one day it means that the author on that blog is not actually writing his own articles. Basically its his business. Hiring writers to add content on his blog taking the ownership of that article. I didn't include proofreading on the list because. This job requires proofreading after or while writing the article.

3. Ebook writer

It was the same with Article writing but it requires more words. I believe the minimum for Ebook is 1200-1500 words. Another thing about this one is you will not post the article, instead you will sell it online.

4. Getting paid by answering questions

These are the websites that pays you after answering questions from customers. Any question from them requires good research skill. Don't expect too much on this job because some questions are crazy. Sometimes you'll get a question on "How to milk the Guinea Pig? or How many ants in the world?". Be prepared for these kind of questions.
Pay for this one are very low but some websites offer high pay rates based on the answer that you have provided.

5. Answering surveys

Companies are trying to know what people wants. These company are willing to pay just for us to answer some surveys. It goes like this, Sign up for websites that offers survey to answer and pays you after you finished it. Answering this surveys are easy but do not rush answering it because they would know if its valid for payment or not. The pay is not so good because I have a friend who earned $50 for 6 months because not always you'll get a survey to answer. Try to look for a website that really pay because most of them are scam.

6. PTC - Paid to Click jobs

I believe on my list this is the easiest job. Basically, you need to click ads showing on your browser. However, same with Survey, not all the time you'll see ads to be clicked and pay for this one is horrible. I think per click on ads will give you .001 cents.

An example of Captcha Box
An example of Captcha Box

7. Data Entry/ Captcha Entry

Typing or encoding Captcha, that was this job is all about. One of the easiest job here. You will use a tool that will show pictures or messed up letters and characters on your screen, then what you will do is to type those characters on the blank square box then press enter.

8. Email Handling/ Answering Emails

Most of the time, this job was easy. Because clients will allow you to access their email and then reply on those emails that the clients receive using a template. It is not necessary to change or rephrase something on the template email, probably just change the receivers name. Sometimes, it requires you to construct sentences on the email that you will send based on the senders query. Once you are hired for this kind of job. I'm really sure that the client will tell you further instructions on this job.

9. Google Adsense/ Youtube Partnership Program

Most of article writers over the internet are aiming for google adsense to monetize their writings. Its also the same with videos like youtube. Basically, adsense allows you to make money on your site by putting ads into it.
Quality content that's the most important thing about article writing. Having quality content will give you a chance for more visitors on your site and more visitors mean more income. You will be paid depending on how many visitors you have on your website or blogsite.

10. Game Tester

Be paid just playing games. Lots of people would love to hear this. Basically, you just need to play the game and look some bugs on particular level that has been assigned to you. If you got stage 1 of the game. You need to play it over and over again until its deadline or before the game released. (sometimes it takes weeks, months playing the same level everyday looking some bugs or glitch). I read some confessions from other game tester that this job really sucks not because the actual job but the salary and job security. Being a game tester is a stepping stone to be a game developer or programmer but it requires a good performance on your stats being a tester.

11. Customer Service/ Technical Support Representative

Who said you cant have your own call center in your house? You just need the right equipment and tools for it. Before you look for this job, you need to make sure that you have good internet connection, working headset and sometimes camera.

Taking the job of customer service deals with providing information about their services and products like tracking information, billing or just a simple query about the item. For Technical support Representative, you are responsible to fix computers, internet or other gadgets over the phone. Basically you will guide them the troubleshooting step to fix it.

After you've finished the online training, you are able to take calls and provide customer service inside your home.

12. SEO Specialist/ Link Builders/ Facebook

This person responsible for increasing the traffic of a website. You will learn some strategy how to have more visitors on your website. A good example would be backlinking. When you join on a forum site where you could contribute anything like answering questions from members. Some sites are allowed to put a signature on your post and that signature includes a backlink to your own website. Its like promoting your website. Same with Facebook or Twitter. You are able to use it to promote your site by sharing it to your friends.

13. Sell items on Ebay

Do you have old equipment, clothes or mobile phone that you haven't used. You are able to sell those things on Ebay. Take some pictures of the items you would like to sell then use it on your ebay account, include the price, contact information and description for that item and that's it. You need to wait for someone get interested on what you sell.

14. Amazon Affiliate Program

If you have a blog site and you think it has established good traffic. You can be an Amazon Associate. You can post their ads into your blog. Its like selling stuff from amazon using your site. Its really hard to earn money using this one because. You won't get paid if people visit your site didn't buy items on the ads that they clicked.

15. Game Developer/ Programmer/ Web Designer

I believe this category would be the hardest job on the list. These jobs offer more salary compared to other listing here. when you applied online, you'll see their qualification for this post, it requires knowledge from different programming language. I think Web Designer is a lot easier if you will use Wordpress based site rather than using HTML codes designing a website.

So far this my list on ways to earn money online. There will be a advantage and disadvantage working online at your home. For these information check Advantages and Disadvantages working homebased jobs at home.

I have tried most of it on the list. So I really suggest to be careful finding jobs online.


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    • Bedbugabscond profile image

      Melody Trent 4 years ago from United States

      You can get an example of what some of these jobs are like on Amazon Mechanical turk. The pay there is VERY low. It doesn't matter though, because if you start to network with other MTURK workers you can find the well paying jobs. MTURK is more like giving an example of your work. I have found that the low pay on MTURK can lead to higher paying gigs as long as you are networking with other workers.