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Updated on July 15, 2016

The American Dream

There is only 1% of people today living the American Dream and that is the Wealthy. For example back in 1984 I paid $385.00 for a 1 Bedroom apartment all utilities. Today that same apartment is $970.00. To ask for $15/hr. is not unreasonable. Truth be told, it should be $30/hr. A lot of companies are seriously considering automation. In a Forbes article of May 26, 2016 - McDonald's Ex-CEO stated " A $15 Minimum Wage Would Lead To Automation". Carl's Jr CEO said - Try A $15 Minimum Wage And See Those Jobs Get Automated Out Of Existence." You go to a fast food restaurant, order, pay with your debit/credit card and pick up your order. You never see a person. Remember Star Trek, they would order food and it magically appeared.

Why should there be any issues with paying $15/hour. Is it because the 1% doesn't want anyone else to enjoy life as they do. The CEO of Carl Jr. made a comment " Why should I pay $15/hr. for a job that isn't worth that much". Wow, I was shocked and blown away by his lack of compassion. He goes further to say "It’s as I have said most of my life… if you want job security, you had better work for yourself". There is nothing wrong with working for yourself, I support that 100%. But, what about those individuals who simply want to work without all the responsibility of owing a business. First off, if the employee is not a teenager, then they take the job seriously because they have themselves and family to support. The reason this CEO gets to sit in his Penthouse and Travel the world is because of these employees. So they should not be dismissed so easily. Low wages and high rent does not equal success. Every American should be able to buy the things they need and want. Today there is are foreclosures than every before. People want to do more than just survive but they want to live! According to surveys 72% of Americans don't go on vacation because they can't afford it.

Anyone who provides a service to a customer deserves $15/hr. and more. The people who are against $15 an hour have careers or have their own business or inherited some money. But the average American deserves better. People Matter, therefore the quality in which they live should matter. The US continues to be a selfish country. If we go to automation then what is the rest of the world suppose to do to take care of their families. The reason the fast food workers are grumpy is because they are working hard and still struggling. Who wants to smile when you know you are about to get evicted or your bills are pass due. There are many jobs that are not fast foods but pay low wages. In Georgia for example, your starting salary is $7.50/hr. in a hotel. I have been in customer service for 20 years and believe me when I say, sometimes people like the personal touch. Not everyone is computer literate.


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