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16 Kids Consignment Sale Name Ideas

Updated on July 5, 2016

Thinking of starting a kids consignment sale? Here's a list of 16 cute & catchy names for you to consider.

Starting a seasonal kids consignment sale business isn’t a simple task. Determining a location, registering the business, and lining up vendors plus consignors all takes lots of time. But before you can do any of that, you need a cute name for your sale.

A good consignment sale name needs to be catchy, yet easy to remember and spell, and not in use by another sale in your area. You don’t want shoppers and consignors to get confused and sign up for the wrong sale. Another thing to consider is the availability of your preferred domain name.

16 Cute & Classy Kids Consignment Sale Name Ideas

Here is a list of eleven super cute consignment sale names. They haven’t been researched with respect to domain name availability, but if there are conflicting sales with existing websites, you can get around that by tacking on a phrase like “kid sale” and making sure your advertising clearly indicates this.

  1. Bubbles and Giggles
  2. Carefree Childhood
  3. Clothes that Care
  4. Dressed to Charm
  5. Kinder Years
  6. Little Prince and Princess
  7. Miss & Moss
  8. Munchkins & Peanuts
  9. Peaches and Bows
  10. Pinks and Blues
  11. Short & Sweet

Here are five more classy sale name ideas. These could be branded with very specific target markets in mind. The first four could easily be targeted to the upscale crowd, anyone looking specifically for name-brand items. The fifth one could be targeted to the super cost-conscious. This sale could market itself as the place to find a nicely cared for selection of less expensive brands.

  1. Buttons and Bows
  2. Charming Childhood
  3. Cute Like Never Before
  4. Lad & Lass
  5. Grow Up Smartly (would be cute to make the S into a dollar sign)

“Cute Like Never Before” is a long, but very memorable name. “Charming Childhood” rolls off the tongue easily.

How to Make Sure Everyone Knows You Are Advertising a Kids Consignment Sale

Most of the names above are fairly self-explanatory, catchy and easy to remember; the ones that fit this bill can likely stand alone without anything else added to the name. Some of the ones that are not as self-explanatory, like “Short & Sweet,” could benefit from the words “Kid Sale” tacked onto the end. Other words to consider as add-ons to make sure everyone gets the point: Sale (by itself), Consignment, or Resale.

Hopefully you can use one of these for your sale or as a starting point for your own unique moniker.


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