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2 Main Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail On The Net

Updated on November 19, 2007

Often times websites fail on the net for 2 simple reasons. Read on.

If you ask me what are the 2 big reasons that prevent many wannabe small business owners to cash in on the Internet, I'd rank them as the ones below:

  1. An unknown fear or hesitation to start a website, and
  2. Inability to make the website actively work for your business.

Though starting a website is quite easy, yet for many this apparently simple work appears as a big hurdle to cross. It is not difficult to guess why.

One needs some elementary knowledge of html and how the website is hosted on the Internet to get started. Fortunately, this information is available in plenty on the net.

But the good news is there are many entities who offer all necessary steps to find a domain name, design a website and have it hosted with minimum fuss. The question is how to find such entities that extend real help to have your website up and running in a matter of a couple of hours at the most.

We'll come to that shortly, but let's find out what else holds back one to start a website.

What To Say In Your Website?

Often small business owners are not sure how and what to project in their websites once they start them. This is quite expected, and in fact it happens with established website owners as well.

An easy way to find an answer to the dilemma is to ask yourself the question, "If you are to sell your product or service to a complete stranger who comes knocking your door, what are you going to tell him, to impress him, to prevail upon him?"

Fortunately, for one of my websites I use the service of SBI!, where there is an inbuilt program to guide you to take an informed decision as to what all you must speak out in your website.

How To Make Website Work For You?

This according to me is the second big reason that prevents small business owners to start their websites. You may wonder that this worry comes only after one starts a website.

True, but what happens is many of us look for ironclad assurance even before starting that a website must be able to fetch returns at the earliest. In reality not only such assurances are not possible, they are not feasible too.

Yet the irony is small business owners who insist upon ‘returns' even before starting are the easiest pawns in the hands of fly-by-night operators who do not hesitate to promise anything under the sun to grab their money.

All however is not lost. If you're a realist, willing to learn things as you go along, ready to accept that website success comes with right planning and dogged perusal of the goals, and keep your ears to the ground refusing to hear rosy promises, you can indeed build up a fortune on the Internet.

Guess what? The Internet is a giant marketplace with demands and supplies galore. People are constantly looking for values, and if you are the type that can offer value even to a miniscule part of the Internet traffic, rest assured you won't need any second income for the rest of your life.

If that sounds too good, remember it's perhaps the ultimate goal for you to achieve. As I write this I too am looking for ways to reach that goal by offering you some honest suggestions that I've learnt in course of my online journey thus far.

Wish you all the best. And yes, did I say you could depend on SBI! to start your online success?


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