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18 Goals to Set and Fulfill For the New Year

Updated on April 29, 2023

As we begin this year, it is great to have guidelines, instructions and direction on how to have the most fulfilling, prosperous year. Here are goals you should aim at

Dream Small

If your long awaited dream is to have a Candy store, try to find ways and talk to people of how to get one or more Candy Stores anywhere you like.

Incorporate God in Your Life

God should not only be acknowledged when there is Easter or on a Sunday morning. God wants to communicate with us and have a relationship withus. I encourage you to recognize God's Love for you by sending his Son Jesus, to die and pay for your sins, read God's Word and go to a church that believes in studying the Bible.

Parents, I hope you develop a habit of praying with your children for a few minutes daily and read the Bible to them weekly.

Have an Optimistic Attitude

An optimistic attitude can help you be successful in every area of your life. Being positive and complaining less, not being overwhelmed by your job or bills goes a long way. Aim at looking at the positives in your job, school, marriage, and as a parent.

Read More

Set a goal to read on a subject that interests you or something you want to know more about. Set aside time to read a certain amount of books and magazines monthly. It can be 15 minutes or more daily. Make a goal to read 2 or more books a week. Turn off the television, the late night texting, video games and devote time to being knowledgeable on variety of areas. Then share that knowledge with the people around you.

Save More

Save more water, save gas, save electricity and look for ways to save money and cut back. Develop some saving strategies:

  • Cut back on eating out more, buying lunch everyday, purchasing coffee from Starbucks every morning
  • Cut out the cable, trade in your expensive iPhone for something more affordable.
  • Say No to Impulse buying at the Department Stores and Clothing Stores
  • Stop buying everything Regular full Price- Compare prices on an item online and from different Stores, look for sales, coupons and things on clearance.


A rainy day fund and some extra money that can go towards traveling abroad, fixing up the house or buying a new car are a welcome change of pace.

Set Financial Goals

It is very wise to set some goals pertaining to your finances. Some of these include, getting out of debt, living without credit cards, building an emergency fund beginning with $1 or more a week, saving money for child's tuition, check and improve credit score, get advice from a financial planner, create other forms of income than your present job, make plans for your retirement

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Make a goal to spend time with family and friends. Turn off the technology, stop making excuses to work those long hours and think of creative ways to spend with family. How often do you put off spending time with your family or friends because you’re “busy?” We all have things to do and work to complete.

Whether it is having dinner together at least twice a week, going skating, bowling, taking a camping trip, having a family movie night twice a month, it is all worth it.

Make this goal and a priority by putting “call my parents once a week” or “have coffee with a close friend every other Thursday” on your calendar.

Meet New People

Come out of your comfort zone, get rid of that pride and prejudice, sit down and think of ways and places to meet new people. Do not limit yourself to people who you are familiar. It can be boring hanging out with the same people every week, month or year. Get to know people from all backgrounds, some younger, older, the elderly, the poor, etc. They might actually inspire you, change you or you can make an impact in their lives.

You can welcome the new neighbor on your street and block by knocking on his/her door, introducing yourself, your family and bringing a dessert or casserole over, inviting to a game, etc. You can also greet and introduce yourself to people at church, join a gym and make conversation with the person working out next to you at the gym. You can sign up for a class, go to a seminar and keep in contact with the people.

Do Something For Those Less Fortunate- Think of Others

In this road called Life, we can often consumed with our own affairs, our own house and family and we don't think of others without a family, without a father, without purpose, a sick person or even the people who live on our streets. Don't be nosy and want to know everyone's business. Choose to think of others and their struggles, take time to comfort a grieving person, send a sympathy card, deliver groceries to a single mom, make a meal for an ill person, or care for a widow.

Develop Healthy Habits

Here are some tips for the year you should adhere to. If you already doing these tips, then it is great.

  • Eat three types of vegetables and drink at least eight glasses of water per day
  • EAT foods with less salt and sugar
  • Incorporate more antioxidants in your diet
  • Abstain from anything with artificial sweeteners (juices, gum, yogurts,etc)
  • Limit intake of sugary desserts
  • Get to bed at 10pm and get 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Go to the gym three times per week
  • Work out at least 10 mins a day, either walking jogging, or a sports activity
  • Do one cardio session every Saturday
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Healthy Tips for the Year


Find a cause that is meaningful to you and sign up to contribute. You can feed the homeless, pick up trash in a park, raise money, help with animal rescue shelters, help build homes and at nursing homes. Look for opportunities online on where you can volunteer.

Try Something New

As the year is beginning, it can get quite wearisome and boring to do the same things everyday or every weekend. You can prepare for a year of adventure by trying something new. Why not try different a restaurant to have lunch, take a different route to work, take on a new hobby or learn something you know nothing about like karate, kickboxing, marine biology, pottery, etc. You can do something new with your kids like go on walks with them, go bicycling, have Saturday brunch, and other things.

This Was Great- Try Something New

Slow Down

In the midst of your busy life, whether you are a businessman, someone who travels a lot, a busy stay at home mom who has to take care of the home and have a lot of activities, a mother with a busy career like a judge, supervisor, executive assistant, etc. It is good to slow down, enjoy life and not just work all the time. Make sure you are getting a good 7 or 8 hours sleep. Do not go weeks without sleep and think you can survive on caffeine. Slow down, prioritize your time, take some Me time, spend time with friends, do less, do less social media, just sit down, have a cup of herbal tea and enjoy the sunlight and nature. If you do not slow down, it can affect your immune system and you can get sick with colds and the flu.

Get Busy

In the last goal, I stated slow down, if your life is busy. You should get busy if you feel your life is boring, has been the same way for years, and need some spice. Look for ways to be active in your community, child's school, and with churches. Get busy, get to know people, cultivate family relationships and be about the Heavenly Father's business.

Ask For Forgiveness

Develop & Educate Yourself

It is always great to educate yourself each year. Please do not think above learning new things and new strategies. You may have a bachelor's degree or out of college for years, but taking leadership classes, or any classes at your local university or going to seminar in your area or out of state is always refreshing. It helps us keep informed and provide fresh new ways to communicate and to achieve our dreams and better ourselves.

Organize More

This is a very important goal to have for the entire year. Organize your life, time, home, desk and office. Ask your friends for help with this. Begin by going through your home, room to room and make list of the areas that are in desperate need for some organization. Then purchase the supplies from department stores to make your life less stressful. Have a separate place for shoes, clothes, books, stationery, coats, small appliances, dishes, etc. Clear out the clutter, giveaway things you are not using like magazines, kids stuff etc. Don't stand for messes. Clean them up as soon as possible.

Never Give Up

When you develop an attitude not to give up, not to give up on your dreams, not to give up on yourself, on your job, not to not to give up on your children's education and spouse who is always working all the time, it creates hope and causes you to perseverance in spite of.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”– Dale Carnegie

© 2019 Zeelandra P Goodwin


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