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3 Basic Rules For Creating A Successful Business Twitter Account

Updated on August 12, 2013

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History Of Twitter And How It Has Evolved

In 2007, Twitter became an online phenomenon and has been that way ever since. It offered a whole new way to stay close to acquaintances and provided innovative marketing as well. The site is now extremely popular. A lot of people who are on Twitter access it at least once a day, and usually more often than that. Twitter uses a simple format which is known as micro-blogging. Micro-blogging is the term for the short statements made by users that let followers know what they are up to. It also allows for micro-media like audio, video, and pictures. The only question one has to answer on Twitter is "What are you doing?" This query can be answered in a million ways, as long as it is 140 characters or less. Users can let everyone know what they are doing by answering this question. It really is a basic concept. You tell other users what you are doing or thinking and you read what other people are doing or thinking.

In March of 2006, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Evan Williams created Twitter. Jack Dorsey was actually the person who influenced the creation of Twitter the most because of his knowledge of computer software that he had learned throughout his life. Jack was a developer of computer programs designed for use by courier companies. He observed that when each company used the computer programs, the corporate headquarters could monitor where each of their employees were at any given time. Basically, the couriers were telling their bosses what they were up to at any moment during the day. This meant that the main office could be in touch with the couriers at all times, which was very important given that they needed to be efficient. As such, Twitter is really a combination of three separate components.

The first component is Jack's courier computer program.

The second component is instant messaging.

And the third component is text messaging.

When these three components are combined, and messages can be posted in real time, a great number of tasks are accomplished. Twitter allows news to be dispersed very quickly. Friends can round up other friends to meet in a very short amount of time. Advertisers can get their products in front of a great number of current or potential clients. Some people do not understand what Twitter offers and as such, it receives a lot of negative attention. But, in all actuality, Twitter is an effective application if you have followers who want to know what you are doing or can find value in what you offer. Advertisers use this tool to post links to their websites and what they are selling, which is not a very exciting proposition.

Because of this, some people have responded by creating a variety of computer programs that effectively take control of what Twitter has to offer by automating the entire process. This frees up a lot of tweeting time. For advertisers, such computer programs can be utilized in a variety of ways on Twitter, which can eliminate a lot of the tedious tasks. A few of the tools you are going to require included the ability to manage all your accounts with just one click, the ability to establish as many accounts as you want, the ability to automatically follow certain keywords and user names, the ability to automatically unfollow users who no longer want to follow you, the ability to automatically tweet from several accounts, the ability to target tweets to every follower, the ability to receive automatic Twitter trend reports, and the ability to manage your accounts on Twitter without revealing who you are by way of a proxy IP address. Unfortunately, the majority of Twitter computer programs will not provide you with everything you require, and you are probably not going to find everything you need to run your Twitter accounts in one product.

3 Basic Rules For Creating A Successful Twitter Account

If you are planning to expand your business, then you need to know about Twitter. It is a technology that is used to find new methods to increase profits. These days, every business man is most likely using Twitter to expand their businesses. Demand for it is increasing continuously as we march to the future. It has not been that long, but I remember when the most followers fell in the thousands, when now it falls under the millions by some celebrities.

Twitter is a solution for business related problems. The main aim of business men that have joined twitter is to get connected to the very different parts of world by sitting at one place. It is a way that will help you contact the whole world within limited span of time. This way you can increase your clients. People from different countries of the world would come to know about your business.

Now, if you are planning to use Twitter for your business, then you need to know some terms and conditions of Twitter. The following are some terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind for advertising your firm.

1. Your advertisement should be available.

For an increase of your business with Twitter, you need to know that your business advertisement should be there on your profile description. You need to take some time from your busy schedule and be available when you are needed. You need to spend some time in getting to know your clients. You must know the needs and requirements of customers. This way you can improve weak points of your firm and get profits. Spend good amount of time in getting followers that will then be counted as future prospects. Be available for all kinds of people. Don’t miss a single day for at least when you are new to Twitter and the launching of your business takes off.

2. Make a Strong Outline:

Your twitter sketch can attract maximum people towards your business. Check your twitter outline daily. Your business outline should make people be persuaded to work with your firm. Outline of your business should gain the trust of your clients. Your outline must be attractive as well as convincing.

3. Use Twitter as Your Business Friend:

Use twitter as a means for communication. Read emails that are received. Give necessary reply to all emails without fail. Upload your firm’s picture(logo), and video if necessary. Let people know your firm and the way it works. This way you can use twitter as your friend. Always, try on new things on this software. Don’t use outdated picture and video of your company, always the latest, freshest content will prevail over the old. Be polite to people whom you meet. Be ready for changes in markets, sometimes competition makes us take different strategies in marketing.

Think of Twitter as a tool that can be used to know important information of just about anything that is happening worldwide. It will assist you to develop your business effectively if you follow good directions and stay away from spamming. Keep one thing in mind though; You are being viewed by each and every person who stumbled upon you in the internet, so If you are a spammer, nobody will like you for sure.

Don't overlook the terms and conditions of Twitter. Always, be creative and innovative. Now, its time for you to use it and become a part of the advanced technology for your company.

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    • Eclipsecreative profile image


      7 years ago from

      great information, thanks for sharing!

    • chinweike profile image


      8 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Good and informative hub, especially now that the big G has come up with a kind of new algo that will favour twitter.

      thanks for sharing


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