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3 Customer Service Jobs That Don't Suck

Updated on September 21, 2011

Would You Like Fries With That?

Whether you're looking for your very first job or wanting to semi-retire, there's a good chance that, at some point in your life, you may end up looking for a customer service job. A lot of people seem to think that means they have to work at 7-11 or McDonald's. Not true! Having worked just about every type of customer service job out there, I've actually found a few that were quite enjoyable.

Bookstore/Music Store

If you are at all interested in music and literature, this is THE job for you!

Both allow you to see/hear new products before anyone else -- some even want your personal opinion! At one of the bookstores I worked at, we were sent advanced copies of books, asked to read them and give our opinion on them. Often, changes would be made to the final copy based on our reviews. If you are a book-geek, I don't need to tell you how cool that is!

Another great thing about this job is the fact that you spend all day talking about things you love. You can recommend your favorite books or albums, hear about other people's favorites and discuss great art with every customer.

Last but not least, most stores offer a discount, so you can get your books and music cheaper!


I am a coffee addict, so it's only natural that I gravitate to cafes. Cafes are great, because you get to learn to make all of those fancy drinks, the job itself isn't terribly difficult and you usually get your coffee free (or cheap)!

What I love most about working in a cafe, though, are the people. I'm not actually a very social person, but cafes attract regulars, and those regulars can often make your day. They come to see you as a sort-of friend, the person who gives them their much needed morning coffee and smile, and you come to see them as saviors from the often rude or rushed crowds. A minute of friendly banter between you and a regular can change the whole mood of the day.

Tattoo/Piercing Shop

Customer service gets a lot of people down, because you are being paid so little and yet, there are so many rules on you. How you dress, how you talk, how you interact, whether you can have piercings and tattoos or not, when you can go to the bathroom, even! If you are of a more...alternative persuasion, I highly recommend checking out your local tattoo shop to see if they need some help at the front desk.

The most obvious benefit to working at a body mod shop is being allowed to show off your tattoos, piercings and bright blue hair. You have much more freedom in how you dress and behave, so long as you are doing your job well and meeting health and safety standards.

Other benefits, depending on the shop are free or discounted tattoos and piercings, seeing the beautiful (or horrible) tattoos others have, helping people choose a mod they will love, and learning tons about the industry as a whole.

This is just a really fun job, and although there are difficult parts to it, it rarely feels like "real" work.

Minimum Wage Doesn't Mean Minimum Enjoyment

There are a lot of reasons why you may end up in customer service -- maybe you don't currently have the skills to do much else, maybe you are in school and need an easy, part-time job, maybe you are at retirement age but don't want to retire or maybe you just really like working with the public. Whatever the reason, there is no need to work at a fast food restaurant or convenience store if you don't want to. Almost any passion you have can be translated into a customer service job. Think of something you love, and go find the job to match!


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  • JamaGenee profile image

    Joanna McKenna 6 years ago from Central Oklahoma

    Libraries are another great customer service job for book lovers. For those who have a good driving record and can get from Point A to Point B quickly and safely, being a courier for company that *isn't* FedEx or UPS (too time-oriented) is very rewarding. I did it for a year and was told at many places that I was their "ray of sunshine" when I came in for regular afternoon pick ups. Also got great discounts on their products when I went in on my day off as "just" a customer! ;D

  • profile image

    femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

    I like this hub! You've maybe changed my attitude about customer service positions, lol.

    You touched on three of my favorite places. Bookstores, music shops and coffee cafes.

    When I used to have the time, I spent a great deal of it in exactly what you've listed. Wow - now I'm gonna wax all nostalgic, lol!

    Anyway, you brought up some great points that should generate some ideas. :)