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3 Startup Businesses You Can Create On A Budget

Updated on June 28, 2017

If you want to create your own startup business, you might be a little discouraged if you do not have any money to invest. However, there are a lot of startup businesses that you can create today that cost less than a hundred dollars. Not too shabby, right?

Sell Click-Bank Products

This costs no initial investment. You just sign up for an account and create links to products that will allow you to get a commission. You can promote these products anywhere on social media or your blog. However, there are some websites like Ezine and Hubpages that prohibit affiliate links. You can find a lot of articles and videos on digital marketing that will help you start making a lot of money.

Make and Sell Paper Crafts

If you have a love for arts and crafts, this is probably the business for you. It will take some time to perfect your products into things people want to sell, but getting old magazines with a lot of colorful paper can cost little to nothing and any additional craft supplies can be bought for less than fifty dollars to start with. A paper purse made of magazines can cost sixty dollars on Etsy, and paper bead jewelry is listed for $20 to $30. You can find instructions on YouTube and Instructablesto get started.

Buying and Reselling

This is a very cheap business to go into because you can start with old things you have around the house. Check online to see if there are any flea markets in your area that you could vend at and list some items on Ebay. After you have decluttered your house and made some profit, you can buy some more items to resell. To be successful at this, it will take some know-how to know people are paying for your old baseball cards, so some research online will go a long way.


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