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3 Steps to a Successful Job Interview

Updated on October 6, 2012
Job interview is a crucial part when an employer assess if you are a perfect fit for the position. So how do you prepare for an interview?
Job interview is a crucial part when an employer assess if you are a perfect fit for the position. So how do you prepare for an interview? | Source

All job seekers have their own style of preparing for the job interview. And while we may not consummate them all, we’ve listed below our three steps to a successful job interview to earn you the job you want. Keen to know how we do it?

Research about the job and the company

You may exactly now what would be the employer’s questions during an interview so better prepare and get the idea from the job description itself. What do you think are the skills they need for the job, and how do you do given the requirements described in the job posting? Research for other information regarding the needed job, and even the company you are applying for. The more you know about the job needed and the company you are applying for would give you an edge to present yourself that you are the person they need for the job.

Write an Interview Script

Most of us this necessary, but writing down the key points on how do you understand the job requirements, and how do you fit for the job would help you reinforce your best points, and address the points that you are weak, and likely suggest a counter offer. Write a brief outline of what are you going to say and convey the key points during the interview. If you are not sure what are you going to say about yourself compared to the job posting, go back to your cover letter and resume. What did you mention there that you think is valuable to the employer? What questions do you think they might have about your previous work, your certifications, your skills and abilities in relation to the job posting? Having a ready answer to these questions would help you reinforce your message better to the employers.

But of course, this is only your script, and is not meant to be read in front of your employer. Take the time to read it aloud and memorize it by heart. Add supporting information to the key messages you have initially wrote down. If possible, support your messages with facts and figures, like, “I was able to bring down the operating cost of by 20% in first three months I worked with XYZ Company…

Practice, practice, practice

You have already done you’re research and have made a script for the interview, so the next thing to do is to read your script out loud. Try practicing it in front of a mirror or with a friend, who could also throw you some questions until you could answer and deliver your message fluidly. This would make you comfortable when you are already facing your employer for the job interview.

Though you have made enough preparation for the job interview, chances are it may not come the way you expect it to be. Questions may come so fast and they may slightly differ from what you have prepared. Try to embed in your answers the key messages you want to convey. Respond to the questions asked, but also seek the opportunity to weave in your conversation the things you have written in your script. Most of the time, you’ll find that what you have prepared would nicely fit into the questions being asked.

The job interview is a crucial part when an employer assess if you are a perfect fit for the position. This also gives you an insight of how the job would be and how would your abilities help for the success of the company.

So how do you prepare for an interview? Do you think our 3 steps would work for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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