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3 Tips for Time Management

Updated on October 7, 2019

To achieve success, we have to give important time management in our life. By utilizing the time properly, you can also become a successful person.

Being successful in life is not a big deal, everything is possible and easy in this world. When our time management is better, then we are increasing our steps towards success very fast. One thing you must have noticed is that a thick book which has hundreds of thousands of pages, when we see the size of that book, our mind wants to ignore that book again and again. We want to get rid of that book, just by looking at its size we don't want to read! Many times, such thoughts also come to our mind that by looking at that thick book, we leave the idea of ​​reading to the side or say it. But if our time management is better, then not only will we start reading that book, but before a certain time, we will finish reading that book. Nowadays you must have heard such sentences from the mouths of many people, 'what to do, there is a shortage of time, time does not get' such sentences take the form of a big hindrance and hindrance in our success. If we avoid the use of such sentences, then surely we can move forward very fast, because making excuses of time can waste us and prove to be hindering our progress. Always remember this, "In this life, we should always avoid excuses like avoidance, but instead of time management, we should step towards success."

1. You have your day:

If you have made a good habit of getting up early in the morning, then wish you a lot of luck because you have won half the battle. By getting up early, you control your day. You can work according to whatever work you have to do in your whole day by making a list of it. Planning done at the beginning of the day will help you use your time properly and you can work all day by managing your time well. If you want to keep yourself positive throughout the day, which is possible, then you have to get out on the morning walk every morning at the beginning of every day, linking with yoga-pranayama. Fresh air will get fresh oxygen from your body in the morning, which will produce serotonin hormone inside you, which will bring more positive spots in your brain and you can keep yourself fresh throughout the day. Staying positive thoughts in the mind will fill you with freshness.

2. Learn the qualities of time management from some great people:

There are also some great people who always manage their time and not only manage the time but they never made an excuse for time. Let us see examples of some great people.

*When Ishwarchand Vidyasagar left for his college, shopkeepers and others set their watches on the way. Everybody knew that Ishwarchand ji is very punctual and he never lies down nor reaches early. He did not walk back and forth for a minute.
*The famous American mathematician Charles Feffermann used to walk the rules of learning mathematics only for one hour every day. He stood by this rule till his last breath and mastered mathematics.
*Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our country, used to remember a verse of Srimad Bhagavad Gita regularly while meditating in the morning. He had memorized 13 chapters of the Gita memorized.
*Gaurav Chaudhary, whom you all know by the name of Guruji, is also a very punctual person of the time. During the day, his 2 videos are regularly published on his YouTube channel.

There are many people who manage time today are at the top of successful people. Every person has only twenty-four hours a day and has done justice in God. Time is divided equally to each person. The proper use of time can make you successful, while the misuse of time can force you to live the life you have always lived. Sleeping till late in the morning can weaken your intentions, those who achieve the floors and those who carry the spirit of victory never sleep long. They wake up the rising sun and wake up before the sun rises and the people who the sun wakes up are left behind.

3. Follow Robin Sharma's 20-20-20 rule:

Writer Robin Sharma ji has explained the 20-20-20 rule in his book called 'The Five Am Club'. In which they say that if we get up every morning at 5 in the morning and do 20 minutes of exercise in the first hour of the day, 20 minutes of the day planning, and 20 minutes of the end are spent reading something good, then we can get a better start of the day. Are ready and we prepare ourselves for that day. If you also want to become a successful person, then you should come to manage your time and also you should always avoid the excuses of time constraints.

Remember that history is the person who never makes excuses and avoids the use of the words 'but'.


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