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3 reasons why you should use Wix

Updated on July 5, 2017

In 2017, there is no reason or excuse as to why your business doesn't have a website. In the past, you would have to pay thousands of dollars for a web/graphic designer to design a basic 5-page website. In order to design websites back then, you had to know how to code. Now, thanks to technology, it is now easier than before to create your own website with ease. Cloud-based web development sites have found a way for designers, small business owners, and DIYers to create stunning websites with just a drag and click. There are a number of companies that provide such service. One in particular that stands out is Wix.

Templates: Compared to other sites, one of the determining factors in choosing the between competitors of Wix were the templates. The templates that are on other sites all share the same modern, contemporary feel. With Wix, you get a good variety of different kinds styles. You can choose from different genres such as music, events, or even a restaurant styled layout. In terms of editing, you have so much creative freedom to explore and try different things. If you want to add a lightbox to your site to obtain new subscribers or even insert multiple videos, Wix handles the difficult task with ease. Again, even if you're new to building a website or don't know code at all, Wix will not dissapoint.

Easy to Use: If you're a pro at using Microsoft Word then Wix should be just as simple, seriously! All you're doing is clicking and dragging pictures, text, and video onto your template. The setup to where all of your tools are simple. It is broken down from text all the way to inserting light-boxes to get subscribers. This is great for people who have the creative mindset but not the technical knowledge to give their website that extra "UMPH". If you want to create your online store for your clothing brand, Wix has built in plugin-ins that allow you to set your store and maintain inventory, shipping costs, and showcase sales and offers for your customers. Why not have your own domain and site instead of having it end with big cartel?

Affordability: The greatest feature is the cost! You can have creative control of your site for less than ten bucks! This means that you can create your site without having those annoying display ads towards the bottom of your site. To me, that is the last thing I would want to see after I put my heart and soul into my very own website. That's like seeing the Microsoft Word logo plastered at the bottom of each page you write. The most popular plan is $14/month. This along with other premium plans all include no set-up fees, free hosting, domain connection, 500MB+ storage, and Google Analytics. The complete breakdown in the plans are below:

In conclusion, if you're looking to make a splash in the professional world but are low on funds to complete your dream, give Wix a try. It's free to design and customize your site but to really get the true benefit of how wonderful this product is, it's better to utilize one of the more advanced options. A good starting point would be the $14/month plan, to get a feel of how well the site performs once you're finished editing your site. You spend that much in one night on food alone, why not use it to invest in yourself and family?


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