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4' x 8' Dry Erase Whiteboard for $30

Updated on September 22, 2015


Whiteboard paint is becoming really popular! Apparently the quality is getting really good and the benefits are clear to consumers. A large, rigid piece of material is difficult to transport and can damage easily. Paint, on the other hand, is a lot easier to transport and is more or less un-breakable! Look out for a major update on whiteboard paint coming soon. In the mean time, type it into google!


First the bad news: some Home Depot's have stopped selling this type of tile board. They are mainly stocking tile board with patterns and designs. The good news: Most are still stocking the plain white tile board. Grab one of these while you can. Mine is still going strong two years out and I paid under $35 including hardware. Have fun!!!

This office is constructed by using common products such as corner modules or plastic pallets, exploring the concept of “Open Source Furniture.”

Real Whiteboards Are Too Expensive for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Whiteboard retailers focus on all the features of a whiteboard when entrepreneurs, students and teachers simply want a whiteboard with one function: ease of writing and erasing.

Claims of dust-free surfaces, high levels of writability and erasability, full-length accessory trays, frames, end caps, rubber this, custom that... who needs it all? You don't!

The bottom line is that the whiteboard market has a gap in product availability. Tiny, practically useless whiteboards are available for under $100, which is still a lot for a bootstrapping entrepreneur, and large whiteboards often packed with unneeded features are available for a minimum of several hundred dollars and range to thousands of dollars.

When you are starting a business you need to save every penny you can. Remember that after you decide on what to write on, you need to buy the markers! They are often heavily marked up at office supply stores.

Entrepreneurs, students and teachers need cheaper options. You want to get your ideas up on the wall and have lots of space with which to work. This Hubpages solution is for you. Read on!

Real Whiteboard Prices

4' x 8'
90" (diagonal)
4' x 8'
National Business Furniture
4' x 8'
School Furniture of Canada
102" x 53"
$227.85 CAD

There is a Cheaper Solution!

Many people who love to use whiteboards find that while they are surrounded by them at work there is never one to use at home. For those who do have a whiteboard at home, it is usually quite small. As far as whiteboards go, size matters. Small whiteboards lead to small ideas. Haha, just kidding. But they do fill up quickly.

Large whiteboards don't fill up quickly and are awesome because the space lets you accumulate ideas over a longer period of time, which makes it possible to make connections you may have been unable to see on a tiny whiteboard or other medium, like paper or an app.

A professional quality, large wall-mounted writing solution doesn't have to be costly. There are cheaper solutions! Of course, high priced, "real" whiteboards are great quality, and have extra features like a marker tray and an aluminum frame. However, a spirit of ingenuity coupled with some do-it-yourself and a little infrequent maintenance thrown in for good measure, a cheaper option will save hundreds of dollars and perform nearly equivalently.

A do-it-yourself whiteboard is absolutely a great money saving option. Get your ideas on the wall, make money, and buy a professional whiteboard when you are rich. Until then, listen up!

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Tile Board; Go Forth and Spread the Good News!

Tile Board is the key. It is quite inexpensive when compared to a whiteboard. The price for a four by eight foot sheet can vary from $10 to $30 or more. Even the most expensive sheet of Tile Board makes a cheap whiteboard. Even at thirty dollars a sheet, Tile Board is a 90% savings over whiteboards from retailers like Staples, Epson, and others.

Tile Board is intended to be used as a wall surface that repels moisture like one found in a shower. The board often emulates tile patterns with various colors and textures, and while the patterns and textures may look nice, they should be avoided when using Tile Board as a whiteboard. The best option for writing on Tile Board with dry-erase markers is the plain, smooth white.

And here is the tile board you want to get…

And here is the tile board you want to get…
And here is the tile board you want to get… | Source

This guy thinks he invented tile board.

No Truck, Little Money, and a Small Apartment?

Then you're just like this guy! Welcome to the club!

Have fun with this "life hack" and remember it is all about efficiency. Get it done! The sooner you can get it up on the wall the sooner you are going to feel a lot cooler drawing doodles and pie charts and explaining things to people even though they already understand what you told them.

Just remember, have fun with it!

A Snapshot of My Whiteboard!

Ben's tileboard whiteboard.
Ben's tileboard whiteboard. | Source


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      sofa_sauvage 4 years ago

      saved hecka loot, thx

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      PDXBuys 4 years ago from Oregon

      Nice tip! Thank you.