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3 Little Secrets to Increase Passive Income Every Affiliate Marketer Must Know to Grow a Six Figure Income

Updated on October 24, 2013

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for ways to increase your passive income online?

If you are looking to build a six figure income as a way of making money online, this article will reveal three little tweaks you can make to your marketing efforts that will increase your passive income online.

Every affiliate marketer with thoughts of making money online knows that automation of your program's sales funnel is paramount. In order to generate a passive income online as a form of making money every aspect of the sales funnel must be set on autopilot.

Here are three little tweaks to achieve that:-

1:- Always send all your traffic to a professionally made squeeze page. A squeeze page is a must if you are seeking to build a passive income through any affiliate program. A well-designed squeeze page captures the visitor's attention, offers a valuable freebie and persuades him to provide his name and email address in exchange for the freebie being advertised. Once your visitor provides this information you will start to build your own in-house [mailing] list of subscribers.

You have heard it often times before that the money is in the list. The larger your list, the greater your passive income will be. In fact, a rough approximation is that a good list will produce one dollar per month for every subscriber in that list. A list of 1,000 subscribers will therefore produce a passive monthly income of $ 1,000 whereas a list of 10,000 subscribers will produce a passive monthly income of $ 10,000. As a way fo making money online, this cannot be beat.

In the world of online commerce, a large, responsive list that is well-maintained is gold. It can produce a good lifestyle and it can be sold as a valuable asset for real cash when the owner wants to cash out.

Send all traffic to your squeeze page so that you can build your list.

2:- Monetize your thank you page. As soon as a visitor to your squeeze page provides his name and email address he is immediately taken to a download or a thank you page to obtain his freebie that he requested. Your thank you page is a valuable piece of internet real estate and you must make the most profitable use of it to generate your passive income streams.

Monetizing your thank you page by placing an additional offer on it when your subscribers go to collect their freebie is an excellent way to increase your income. You can promote another affiliate program through your affiliate link on that page so that if a subscriber is interested in that offer, they will immediately take you up on it and click on your affiliate link, which will take them to the sales page of the program you are promoting. That additional offer and link must be placed at the bottom of your thank you
page below the area where they retrieve their freebie. You do not want to make it difficult for them to obtain their freebie by placing this additional add before the download link, otherwise you will lose as many subscribers as you obtain. Make it easy for them to grab their freebie, and then present your secondary offer for their consideration. I know of several affiliate marketers who are making a nice residual or passive income from just their thank you page alone, but it has to be set up properly.

Many autoresponders have a default setting for their thank you page and the subscriber is taken there after signing up. That is a serious mistake, and you should not do that. Do not use your autoresponder's default settings to deliver your freebie in the thank you page. Change the default setting in your autoresponder to take the subscriber to another sales page that you can easily link up to that page so that your subscriber will be taken to a third promotional offer that you may be advertising.

Ignore your autoresponder's default settings and set your own to deliver your subscriber to wherever site you want so that you can set up an additional possibility for added income from your sites. By tweaking the configuration of your autoresponder in this manner you will be able to generate an additional passive income if your subscribers take you up on your off for that second one.

3:- Generate back-end sales by mailing your list regularly with non-competing offers that can help them with their particular problems in the niche you have targeted for exploiting.

Automating your sales funnel in the manner described will build your list over time as well as your passive income online. This way of making money online is well-known to successful online marketers who routinely set up sales funnel after sales funnel in promoting niche products in various markets. A large and growing list will provide you with the prospects to whom you can market other offers that you can promote through your affiliate link that could generate additional income on a regular basis as well.

For instance, if you are promoting an affiliate program on how to make money online as your main offer and income generator you can include a secondary program on how to build a second income through email marketing as a micro-niche you have identified to target. Choosing to offer this list a way to lose weight safely is probably not going to get you any additional secondary sales but might result in you losing subscribers. Keep the offer in the same niche as your main target and complement what you send that list with other offers that do not compete or clash with your main one. This is a great way to make money and to develop a passive income that can last for years.

These three little secrets to building a passive income are one of the best money making ideas I have seen. They are easy to implement and easy to change when you have to as the result of adding or deleting affiliate links you may be promoting. The system runs completely on autopilot and will produce for you a repeat and regular income from your marketing efforts.


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