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4 Tips for Improving the Reach of Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Updated on February 11, 2014

Facebook is one of the most powerful and effective social media channels that you can utilize in order to maximize your online marketing efforts. Facebook has proved to be a successful digital marketing platform for a variety of industries and is preferred by majority of the online marketing agencies and professionals. One of the major reasons for Facebook becoming a popular online marketing platform is the presence of a huge number of users from across the globes. Facebook is having an amazingly large user base which makes it a great potential platform for advertising and marketing products / services online.

Facebook offers a number of different features and facilities to market and promote your products and services to a targeted audiences. Some of the best features of Facebook that enhances your digital marketing activities are Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Events, Offers etc which serves different purposes for your online marketing campaigns. Most of these features are free and hence you will be getting a high Return Over Investment (ROI) and will be very much helpful for those small start-up companies as well as established firms. Facebook also offers paid marketing platform where you need to pay.

Most of the marketing activities done through Facebook is aimed at getting or attracting more customers and this is indeed a creative task. One of the best way to attract more customers or visitors through your Facebook marketing activities is to increase the reach of your Facebook marketing campaign. If you have an improved Facebook marketing reach, then you will find it much easier to capture genuine and relevant leads for your business.

Increasing the number of people you are reaching through Facebook is one of the first step towards generating more customers through this amazing social media website. There are a lot of ways to increase your Facebook fans / followers and at the same time increase your reach for getting more response on your activities. Here are some simple and easy things to do so as to get more response and improve the overall reach of your Facebook marketing campaign.

1) Improving Post Frequency: As per various online resources the average half-life of a Facebook post is only about 3.2 hours, which literally means that your post will slowly start fading away from the main stream after that time, unless it gets virally shared. So in the general scenario if you want to make people engage more with your Facebook Page or Facebook Group, you should take care in posting regularly and that too without making it a boredom to your fans and followers. Improving the post frequency on your Facebook account will really invite more user engagement and improved reach for your Facebook campaign.

2) Quality Content Posting: These days people don't even care to have a look at content or post that are of low quality stuffy. Low quality content posting on Facebook will make sure that your posting dies the moment it is shared as not one else dare to like, comment or share your post. So always try to care quality and creative content that are sure to be liked and shared by your fans and followers. The more your post gets engaged, the more reach it is going to have. So make quality content posting on Facebook a regular habit to increase your brand outreach on Facebook.

3) Peak Time Posting: For each and every Facebook Profile, Page and Groups, there will be a specific peak time period during which most of the followers and fans are online and the chances of getting wide coverage for the posts are high. Identify the peak time of your Facebook platform and post your content, images or videos based on that peak time to ensure maximum reach of your posts. You can really take use of the analytics features offered by Facebook to identify the most optimal time for publishing your posts on Facebook.

4) Image Embedding : Sharing a website link on Facebook is very much easy and is considered as the best way to get traffic to your website from relevant users. But most of the time we post plain text and links and do not embed any images along with the post. As images are one of the most powerful media for marketing, embedding an image will help in getting more visitors and also improves the changes of getting it shared to a wider audience. So including a relevant image along with your link sharing campaign on Facebook really improves the reach of your Facebook campaign.


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