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4 Ways to Make Cash Online

Updated on October 17, 2011

We all want to make more money. Everyone I know always is looking for ways to make more money, to earn extra cash. I want to make more cash. I am always looking for ways to make cash. whether that is working more hours at my job. Finding the occasional odd-job, or whether that is using the internet to help me make money.

Most anyone who will stumble across this Hub have probably been searching for ways to make money, and most likely, you have read and read all kinds of things that you can do to make money. So, really, how can I come up with anything new you may ask??? Well, maybe I can't. Maybe I will. Maybe you will think I have nothing good to say and just leave now. I really don't know. But what I do know, is.....Some of you will stay, some of you will read what I have to say and maybe even find some of it useful. What I am going to give you here today is my top four ways I use to make money on the internet. They are by no means the only way to make money, and they are probably not even the best ways to make money. But, I have some criteria that I have to follow in the ways that I make money on the internet, well, with any money I make in life. The biggest being, I have to feel good about myself when I wake up in the morning. I don't want to feel like I have ripped someone off to earn myself another dollar. It's just not worth that much to me. I like to think that If I can offer unique and interesting information that people will appreciate that and, I will, In turn become a popular place to turn for information, which in turn will directly effect my bottom line. What is all this I am talking about, well, this is number #1....

Writing. Writing articles is by far one of my favorite methods to make money online. Even this hub you read right now will generate income for me. Yeah, it is true. On the internet, traffic is god. More traffic results in more clicks. more clicks result in more dollars. There are many different sites you can use to write and generate income. And writing income is truly passive income. You write it and you can forget about it in many cases and it will just keep generating income for you. Some of my favorite places to write is Helium, Ehow, Squidoo, and right here at Hubpages.

But you don't have to stop there, there are other places as well that can do the same thing for you. Associated content is a place to come to mind.....Oh, and there is one more, this one leads me directly into number 2

Blogging! Yeah, blogging can make you money, it is true. It is not gonna make you rich anytime soon, but it can generate income with properly placed ads and links to products that you may have your hand in. Some thoughts I have here are going to be kept to myself, but I will give you my basic principal. Think of it this way. Think of a blog as a information portal. Most likely anyone who finds it and starts to read it will be doing so because they are trying to learn something. What do you have to offer the world? You know a lot about something that seems obscure? Well this may be exactly what you need. The point is to find something that is not already saturated by the Internet market. What I mean is, if there is already too much information about a topic you want to write or talk about, something your trying to sell, well, there will just be too many established people in that niche and you will not be able to easily make your mark. And being that your still with me here, I am guessing your still trying to make your mark. Start small, google things and see now many sites pop up for that topic. It is a great way to start to analyze a particular market. Once you have found something, write about it. And with that, if your trying to sell a product, you can direct your readers to your product. If not, you can still use programs like googles' adsense to generate affiliate income. And, well, speaking of selling things. There we go, right into number 3.....

Ebay is always a great way to make cash on the internet. I know, every one and their brother tells you this. Sell your junk on Ebay, but what do you do when you run out of junk? Sell other peoples junk. What? Yup, sell other peoples garbage.....Literally. I know that this may not be fun. But I have two methods I implement. That is picking garbage, and using craigslist. The first is obvious. I have a specific thing I am looking for. I do not pick up random garbage. But I will grab this one thing....(sorry, not sharing!) And I will also look under free stuff on Craigslist, and will post on Craigslist, stating I will pick up you junk (only the stuff I am looking for), and dispose of it in a proper manner, meaning I will not send it to the junkyard, I will take care of it in a "green" way, and I do, I re purpose and reuse, refurbish and resell. This is a wonderful way to make money, I love Ebay, and I love its competitor, Amazon, and that brings me to my last idea!!!

Amazon has more than one way to make money online.  Amazon offers store space.  I don't use that though, that is what I have ebay for.  But amazon also has a program called Amazon associates.  It works very similar to Google's adsense, it is an affiliate program.  But through Amazon, and you make a commission off any sale that comes through your affiliate links.  This is a wonderful program offered by a well trusted company.  There are no real downsides to this, and guess what, amazon has even more to offer.  Have you ever heard of Turk.  Amazon's mechanical turk program pays you to take care of basic tasks that people can not teach a robot to do, finding email addresses on web sites and finding the company's name in a specific ad.  It doesn't pay a lot, but $0.01-$0.25 per hit, and say you can do between 20 and 60 hits in an hour...Well, that is not so bad to me, and if I have spare time, I will turk and make a few bucks while I am just sitting doing nothing.

So, there you have it. 4 easy ways to earn cash on the internet. I believe in all 4 of these methods and use them every day. Give them a try and maybe, just maybe you will find some success. There are plenty of other things you can try to. But these are a good place to start. Good luck


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