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5 Best Blogs on Network Monitoring

Updated on July 3, 2017

Network monitoring is a vital part of business, but it can be difficult to master. Network monitoring is the use of a system that monitors networks, and is part of network management. Today networks are more complex than ever, with a lot more technology available. Network monitoring has always been important, but it is more important than ever now. Network monitoring allows network administrators to monitor all of their networks, be it on WAN, VoIP, LAN, or MPLS.

Mastering the art of network marketing takes a lot of time and practice, as well as a lot of knowledge about networking in general.

That is why it is a wise choice to continually learn about network monitoring and to stay up to date on the best techniques and practices. Here is a list of five of the best blogs on network monitoring to follow.

1. Paessler Blog

The Paessler blog is one of the most reliable and insightful network monitoring blogs out there. It gives weekly articles on network monitoring and network management. These articles are highly technical and informative. Even experts in network monitoring and management will find new things to learn about at Paessler. Read their latest article, about Automated and Granular Alerting, here.

2. Wild Packets Network Analysis and Monitoring Blog

The Wild Packets Network Analysis and Monitoring Blog is another excellent resource for those who want to know more about network monitoring but already have the basics mastered. Wild Packets talks about enterprising networking news from recent standards, like 100G, to urgent everyday issues regarding wireless, VoIP, security, and network performance management. While this blog is a little dated, there is still a lot of excellent information to get from their archives. Read their article about network monitoring deployment here.

3) Netbeez Blog

Netbeez Blog is an excellent blog for both beginners and experts at network monitoring. They put out weekly informative articles to help their readers master network monitoring to the best of their ability. You can read their latest article, about what you should know about voice-over-IP, here. For those just diving into the world of network monitoring, Netbeez has an excellent and in-depth article on how to get started with network monitoring.

4) Ipswitch Blog

Ipswitch Blog produces easy to understand articles about network monitoring, management, and security every three days. They give clear and direct information, tips, and directions for what you need to do to improve your network monitoring. Their latest blog post, End-Of-Year Housekeeping for Network Inventory and Compliance, gives excellent information on easy, effective, and efficient ways on end-of-year IT housekeeping that you can do so you don't have to pay someone.

5) Domotz

While many of the articles on the Domotz blog can appear topical and promotional, there is an untapped wealth of information to befound on the Domotz blog, like their article, Network Monitoring for the Internet of Things (IoT): Devices are changing the way networks are monitored and managed.

Domotz also gives access to helpful resources like webinars that can help you brush up on your network monitoring and management skills and techniques.

Bonus Resource: Monitoring 101

Solarwinds produced a free ebook that is available on their website called Monitoring 101. It is meant to help you learn more about the basics of network monitoring. While it is not a blog to look at, it is a great resource to help get you started in the basics of network monitoring. You can find it here.

These five blogs will help you monitor and manage your network more skillfully and effectively. They are some of the best resources you can utilize in your effort to learn and master network monitoring.


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