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5 Common CV Mistakes

Updated on October 24, 2013

2) Personal statements

Use this to show your human side and let potential employers know of your interests outside of work, such as sports and hobbies, but don’t go boasting about how many pints you can sink on a night out or any other brags.

1) Spelling Misatkes

Spelling mistakes will be picked out instantly by HR departments and potential employers, so make sure that you give your newly-written CV a double-check and run your word processers’ spell-check tool to check for inaccuracies before sending with your application.

PS: Yes, the spelling mistake in the subtitle was intended :-)

Dennis O’Riordan lied on his CV.
Dennis O’Riordan lied on his CV. | Source

3) Inaccuracies in previous work experience

Be truthful when describing your skills and experiences in your previous roles. Focus on your strongest aspects but make sure you are able to provide examples of each should you make it to interview, for there’ve been many who have been stumped by questions about something they’ve not done before during the interview process.

These lies always come out in the end, there has been a string of CV blunders over the news recently. The one I remember was earlier this month where a Lawyer has boasted about having three oxford degrees and a masters from Harvard university... You can read more about that here on the London Evening Standard website.

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4) Look and feel

A CV should be, on average, two pages long and list everything your potential new employer needs to know about you. Formatting is also important, you must ensure your CV stands out from the rest in the pile, but don’t be tempted to fill it with fancy fonts in order to do so – use a basic font such as Times New Roman to ensure it looks professional.

If you’re going for a design-based role then you can increase your chances of being spotted by condensing your CV down onto one page and getting creative with your information. Use your imagination and show your design skills in order to catch a recruiters’ eye, also don’t forget to send your CV in PDF format.

5) Sending the wrong application

It can happen, particularly if you’re sending out a block of applications for similar jobs. Double check your e-mail before you send it to ensure your application is going to the right place, and that your CV reflects the position you are applying for.

It's your one chance to shine for the employer, don't mess it up with a simple mistake.

Final tip

It can also be worth setting up a more professional looking e-mail address for your job applications. While your current one may be rather amusing to you and your friends, a potential employer may not see the funny side, try and be a little more professional.

I hope you've found the above guide useful. I wrote this guide with assistance from Blue Octopus, who are a recruitment company who've helped us to recruit members of staff recently. They work with both companies and individuals looking for employment to refine their CV, spot mistakes and help them get into work.

Any comments would be very much appreciated.


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