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5 Common and Simple Ways to Promote Your New Business

Updated on May 14, 2013

If you are relatively new business owner then you will really be willing to market or promote your services to get a initial break through. It is really hard to establish your new business along the existing tough competition and you will have to toil it out to promote your company to a large audience. Usually it will take some time before your organization or brand become popular and in order to gain that popularity there is a lot of hard work to be done.

Here are some of the most common and simple ways of advertising or marketing that will help you to establish your business and gain a foothold amidst high competition. There methods are common and most of the new businesses try these methods as an effort to gain an upper hand in their niche of business. Hope these steps prove beneficial to your business also.

1) Newspaper Advertisements
Advertising your business through the newspapers is one of the oldest and traditional ways of promoting your business. It has been considered pretty effective and still newspaper advertisements have high priority in certain countries. Even though newspapers are giving way to internet and latest technologies such as e-news, there is still a certain section of the society who still loves to go through the newspaper regularly. So advertising in the newspapers can really fetch some real leads for your business.

2) Online Advertising / Marketing
This is the talk of the day and more and more people are relying upon internet to gather information most of the developed countries have fully turned towards leveraging the benefits and advantages of online advertising. Most of the youngsters and a good chunk of middle aged people are heavily depending upon online medias for gathering latest updates and this is where the scope of online advertising or online marketing surfaces. Online advertising has huge potential when compared with other advertising media and hence if carried out in the proper way, it will yield you a much better results.

3) Mouth-to-Mouth Marketing
Mouth-to-mouth marketing or advertising is also a common and yet easier mode of marketing your business and products. Mouth-to-mouth marketing is a natural way of marketing your business and for this to happen, your business initially has to deliver something special that prompts a viral mouth-to-mouth advertising of your business. This will indeed help in getting more leads and customers for your business in a better way.

4) Promotion through Visual Media
Promotion of your business through various marketing and advertising campaigns through the traditional visual media such as Television and radio are still considered effective. Since television and radio have still got a good number of audiences, any advertisement made on these media will surely have a positive effect. For the last one and a half decade a lot of new generation TV and radio channels have arrived on the scene make it for the businesses to get a wide range of options to advertise. You can advertise depending upon the nature of your business and the nature of the channel that you wish to advertise. So visual media advertising is till high in popularity and if you want to take your business to the next level, do not ignore this mode of advertising.

5) Sponsoring Exhibitions
Most of the business centers throughout the world conduct exhibitions atleast once or twice in an year. Such exhibitions are supported by the participation of big business organizations and hence it will draw a huge amount of audience. A lot of people will visit a business exhibition or trade fair to get a view of the latest and updated products and services of major brands. You can brand or promoted your organization effectively with exhibitions if you are one of the major sponsors of the exhibitions. You can either sponsor the event management activities, promotional models, grid girl models etc to make the exhibition a grand success and also increase the branding of your company. This is also a better way to get your organization noticed by the large audience attending the exhibition.


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