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5 Companies That Have To Go

Updated on December 7, 2013

The following 5 Companies do nothing to help our earth. These companies should grow up, give up, or both. We don't want them anymore. They're a danger to us, and our future.

Water is "not a human right"

Nestle CEO

No.1 - Nestlé

Nestlé is a massive food business that has its fingers in many pies. It's been known for despicable practices for many years, from selling formula milk to third world countries, to depriving villagers of their own water supply for the sake of bottled mineral water.

The formula milk scandal convinced many mothers in third world countries that their breast milk was insufficient, which created a dependency on their product when there was no need for using their formula milk in the first place. Mother''s milk is always best, as it carries all the anti-bodies the baby needs.

Their Pure Life water brand has been literally created by depriving Pakistani villages of their own drinking water. Nestlé even started adding minerals to this stolen ground water, to give it that edge: 'Pure Life Purified Water Enhanced With Minerals'. According to head of Nestlé Waters, this bottled water is “a jewel in our portfolio”.

The CEO of Nestlé is famous for saying that water is not a human right. Nestlé has a number of governments and regulators in its back pocket (bribes - same kind of method as the recent major GlaxoSmithKline bribery case, see below). Nestlé's PR campaigns are particularly aggressive. In Canada Nestlé is taking 265 million liters of fresh water every year to bottle and sell off around the world, without even paying for it...

To get the measure of the charming Nestlé CEO, who lives in an old-school world of corporate objectives, check out this video.

Cold eyes

Clearly Nestlé have to go. They are a smear on this beautiful Earth, and if everyone knew what they were really about, no-one would buy Nestlé products, ever.

March Against Monsanto Lethbridge
March Against Monsanto Lethbridge | Source
A corn heap at the harvest site, India
A corn heap at the harvest site, India | Source

2 - Monsanto

Like Nestlé, Monsanto rely on powerful lobbyists to get their way. As ever, money really does talk. Monsanto's main products are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). They deal in pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered seeds. Monsanto keeps trying to pass various seed patents while the world's attention is turned elsewhere.

Their suing culture is responsible for a lot of misery around the world (as if they didn't make enough fat stacks already). Many innocent farmers in the US have been successfully sued by Monsanto for allegedly making use of its seed without paying the required royalties. In fact, Monsanto filed 144 patent-infringement lawsuits against farmers between 1997 and April 2010. However, many of these farmers have said their fields were inadvertently contaminated with Monsanto's biotech seeds without even their knowledge. This is entirely possible.

This is what intelligent people have been saying for years, despite all of the assurances that GM crops don't cross-contaminate. There have even been spurious arguments put forward, such as bees don't travel from field to field!

They probably want contamination to occur, so that all crops are eventually GM - but in the meantime, why not sue for just a few extra dead presidents? What a laugh for them. Some U.S. wheat farmers are facing bankruptcy because of a bit of pollen which has blown into their area. Farmers in India are known to have committed suicide because of Monsanto's tactics.

All of the research into the 'safety' of GM crops is ridiculous at best. The research is based on opinion, backed by data that will help support an argument. This is not good scientific practice. For good scientific practice, researchers should study Karl Popper, who is known to be the best philosopher of science of the 20th century. Chances are, they haven't even heard of him or bothered studying his work.

So, a company that is playing Russian roulette with nature and that has such aggressive business tactics, has to go.

3 - McDonald's

Large scale cattle grazing is a major contributor to environmental degradation. In fact, the UN Environmental Programme recommends "... a significant shift in diets away from animal based proteins towards more vegetable-based foods in order to dramatically reduce pressures on the environment". But the environmental side of the McDonald problem is only part of the grim equation.

The 'food' that McDonald's offers is really no good for human health. The burgers are highly processed and there's very little value in them. In fact, a lot of body parts which we wouldn't cook at home, are ground down and offered in a burger. Lips, noses, and other gristly bits. A mother actually found a nose ring in her daughter's McDonald's Breakfast Burrito. So it's not a myth. Ears and noses really do go in.

Breakfast Burrito comes with a Free Ring!

McDonald's is bad for your health and devastates the planet. McDonald's is a lose-lose company. People who eat McDonald's rubbish lose, and the world loses by the presence of companies like McDonald's.

Readers may remember how McDonald's lost a court case with regards to the use of the McDonald clown. The clown was leading children to fast food, and presumably to fast food death.

At the moment people still seem committed to eating the rubbish offered by McDonald's. Well, until our world climate becomes so rough, that international trade breaks down (which it probably will). No-one seems concerned about the environmental impact of large scale cattle grazing, the pain inflicted on animals, and the fact that living without meat is an option for us today, and actually much smarter.

So McDonald's is a company that we have to say a cheery bye-bye to, it has to go.

"Come and eat cow lips and cow noses, boys and girls!"

Ronald McDonald greeting children with ill-health  -
Ronald McDonald greeting children with ill-health - | Source
Bee Happy
Bee Happy | Source

4 - Bayer

Bayer is another company that peddles poisons. (Is there a theme here?)

Neonicotinoids found in pesticides supplied by Bayer CropScience of Germany and Syngenta of Switzerland have been found to affect the health of bees, and is believed to be behind the large decline in bee populations. As such, the European Commission has taken action to help protect bee colonies globally, by enacting a two-year moratorium on these pesticides.

However, these two companies have brought legal action against the commission’s decision in the Court of Justice of the European Union. Their arguments vary, citing different causes of bee deaths - but seriously, if your product was even possibly responsible for that massive amount of bee deaths, would it not be the sane thing to do, to step down for a while and accept it gracefully? So this legal action shows the incredible arrogance of Bayer and its friend Syngenta. Again, it's a race for profit, while throwing caution to the wind.

Without bees we have no crops. Without crops we have no food.

This is why Bayer is in my top 5 of companies that have to go. It peddles poisons for the sake of profit, with the brains of their 'scientists' so far down an intellectual black hole that they're a danger to the world at large.

Bayer has to go.

"There is always a big boss in criminal organisations and in this case GlaxoSmithKline is the big boss" Gao Feng, head of China's fraud unit

5 - GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline is a pharmaceutical company that sells drugs world-wide, resorting to bribery to do so. A lot of these drugs they sell aren't even necessary to the individuals who end up by taking them, due to the pressure that therapists are under to push them. (The British Medical Journal calls drug reps used by drug companies the "stealth bombers" of the Pharmaceutical industries.) They also invent new conditions for new drugs they've invented! Nearly everyone knows an elderly person who has been prescribed medications by their doctor that they don't even need.

In China many GSK employees are being held due to allegations that the company channeled nearly £300m in bribes to doctors and hospitals. Apparently, one detainee was even paraded on Chinese state television, publically confessing to the crime.

"We found that bribery is a core part of the activities of the company," Gao Feng, head of China's fraud unit, has said. "There is always a big boss in criminal organisations and in this case GSK is the big boss."

To show how deep it goes, David Cameron.has even stepped in to protect the company - but this is only to keep the China-British business relationship sweet.

GlaxoSmithKline peddles many poisons that humans don't even need, and GSK bosses know it.

This is why we have to say bye-bye to GSK, it has to go.

What these companies do and why they do it

big dough
fat stash
big pile of dead presidents
plentiful moola
lots of filthy luka

© 2013 Charles


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