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5 Completely Legit Ways To Earn Money Online

Updated on June 14, 2017

If you are reading this then you are probably interested in generating a little, or maybe a lot, of money from an online venture. Yes, it can be done and there are legitimate and honest ways to do this without falling for get rich quick plans and promises of easy money. Just like the job you probably already do it is still work and effort to earn honest and real money online. Here are five true, legit and honest ways to build an income, or side hustle money, and change your financial situation or meet your savings goals.

1. Be An Author

This is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about generating some money online and they think about blogs and article writing. This are great ways to start but blogs take time to build up a following and monetizing the blog can be a lot of work. I do recommend a blog if you enjoy writing and take your time to build up your authority, voice and audience.

However, I am talking about being an author of books. If you have a story to tell, and hopefully more than one story to tell, then self-publishing is a honest and amazing way to earn an online income. Unlike a blog which requires you to post on a frequent and regular basis writing a book can be done at your pace. The old-school method of publishing meant writing and submitting to publishing houses but the ability to self-publish through Amazon has changed the landscape dramatically.

The growth of e-books, and the massive growth of audible books, is a huge opportunity for anyone with the passion and skill to write. It is a tough market to crack but it can be done and done successfully. If you visit the Amazon website and scroll to the bottom you will find a link that will show you about the three self-publishing options that are easily available. The first is through the kindle platform, you can then turn that e-book into an audible book through the ACX platform (you can record it yourself or they connect you with people who do that for you!) and you can also turn your book into a print on demand actual paper book as well.

Obviously, the first step is to write your book! You can write a technical or instruction based book, cookbook, fiction or non-fiction novel whatever you have a passion to write about. After you have written, edited and proofread that book you can follow the self-publishing options. Then the "work" starts and you will need to use your social media, blog and any other method you have available to promote your book so people will find it and don't underestimate the power of social proof!

This can be a great source of online money if you have the passion to write!

2. Online Jobs

Ok, if writing a book isn't your thing then you can look into real online jobs. There are many scams out there so never pay for access to jobs and you will not get scammed. Two of the best for finding real and honest jobs is Upwork and 99Designs. You can register and set up profiles and apply to jobs through these two sites. Both have a wide variety of employment types and you can choose from several methods to receive your payment. Doing this type of freelance work does take effort and time and it is not a get rich quick with no effort thing but you can make same nice money. As you build your freelance reputation and experience you will increase that money.

3. Teach a Course

Do you have a passion, talent or skill set that you can teach others? Almost anything can become an online course from a craft like quilting or scrapbooking to skills such as stock trading or technical areas as well as subjects like family history research, woodworking, up-cycling, dance, yoga and almost anything you have a passion or skill set can generate you an income online.

You can teach this through developing a YouTube channel and monetizing those videos with affiliate links, you can create a class and sell though Udemy or the highest earning potential for teaching any skill is through the creation of your own independent class. This can seem a little overwhelming but is also a great way to make consistent money by creating the content once and then advertising and promoting the course and as people enroll they have access to the content you already created so you can earn money over and over from the work yo have already done. If you want to learn more about this you can use the link listed below to receive a free e-book to learn more about the process. No matter which method you use to deliver the knowledge be sure you are real and complete to have the best success.

4. Online Tasks

A fast, and legit, way to make a little cash is to offer jobs on Fiverr. You can register and list your offers to do small jobs that people need done quickly. This is a competitive so do your research first and see what people are offering to do as jobs and see how your own skill set will match. There are other legit website that you can offer your skills through as well just be sure to make sure they are legit!

Another option for little online tasks that pay is through Mechanical Turk powered by Amazon. This is little easy jobs that anyone can do and while most only pay a few pennies at a time if you spend a specific amount of time committing to the little jobs you can build up a nice little side hustle income to add to your savings.

5. Online Teaching

If you enjoy helping people and making connections through learning then a great online money maker for you might be as a tutor or teacher. There are several options for doing this and two well respected options include VerbalPlanet and VipKid. These offer you the ability to receive a true hourly pay for your hours tutoring and teaching. If you have the skills, patience and passion to teach others then this can be a wonderful source of income as well as an enjoyable experience.


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