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5 Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence

Updated on January 31, 2016
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As a published author and playwrite now based in China Ava blogs across various platforms.

Sure, you can
Sure, you can | Source

You Are Able

We're all born with confidence.

For example, little children don't ask for permission to explore, use their legs, speak, sing or dance, they just do it.

And, they do it confidently, naturally, like they know they'll enjoy it and probably even be good at it.

This is why I think that confidence is already and always within us.

As we get older, life can have a way of subduing it, but that just means we may have to dig a little deeper to bring it back to the surface.


1) Look in the mirror.

Take a real, long, good and proper look.

Let your eyes see who you really are and let your mind remember how you really are which is all of the following;

  • bright
  • intelligent
  • astute
  • responsible
  • witty
  • resourceful
  • tenacious
  • good looking.

As you look in the mirror try any of these words on for size and add more of your own. Keep them positive.

Let the mirror reflect your inner confidence and potential.


2) Phone a friend, ask the audience, fifty-fifty?

Find a friend, preferably one who thinks you're great and ask them to name three positive things about you.

What will they talk about?

  • Your sense of humour?
  • Your caring nature?
  • Your empathy with those less fortunate?
  • Your analytical skills?
  • Your modesty?
  • Your tenacity?
  • Your manners?
  • Your generosity?

Accept whatever they say with good grace, don't deny it, just say thanks and enjoy.

3) Do something different today

Find a way to stretch yourself mentally, physically or emotionally.

It doesn't have to be painful or embarrassing or particularly large or amazing but it should definitely be something that pushes you forward in some way.

Make it an experience that you'll want to talk about and build on.

It doesn't have to be expensive, keep it cheap and cheerful.

It doesn't have to be done somewhere far way, sometimes the best experiences are found close to home.

Keep it simple because that way it'll be easier to begin.

4) Help someone else.

Sometimes the best confidence boost comes from seeing someone else do well and knowing that you've been a part of that.

Who can you assist and how can you help them?

  • Are you a natural organiser?
  • Can you pack a suitcase to fit in everything but the kitchen sink?
  • Can you tease and pull a lock of hair into exquisite elegance?
  • How about spending an hour with an older person and reminiscing about the good old days?
  • Are you a natural with kids?
  • Can you bake a pie for someone who'd really appreciate it?
  • How about passing on your skills in tutoring or playing an instrument to the younger generation.
  • Can you give blood?
  • Could you volunteer at a soup kitchen once a month?

Put someone else first and see how it makes you feel.

5) Act As If

Many successful people have said that they faked it till they made it.

Pretend to be confident and capable and after a while you will be.

Be subtle though, no-one likes a show-off.

Go about your business with a calm, quiet assurance that you can and you will achieve your goals.

See, I told you it was all within. Five easy and do-able ways to build your confidence.

Pick one now and give it a try.


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    • InspiringWriter profile image

      Ava Ming 2 years ago from Shenzhen, China

      Hi B. Leekley , an interesting thought from TED talks. They have some great some stuff on there. Thanks for stopping by again (-:

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 2 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      Good suggestions.

      The TED Talk "The Surprising Secret of Speaking with Confidence" advises boosting confidence with diaphragm breathing and by thinking a positive thought on the inbreath.

    • NickSimpson profile image

      NickSimpson 5 years ago from Jacksonville, Illinois

      Everybody needs a little confidence boost from time to time. I think that you have a great hub here and I hope that it gets read by many people so it can help as many as possible.


    • InspiringWriter profile image

      Ava Ming 5 years ago from Shenzhen, China

      I totally agree. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Deep Metaphysical profile image

      Deep Biswas 5 years ago from India

      Confidence is the decisive factor in every aspect of life. One must confident to pass an interview and also to propose for marriage. Useful hub, thank you INSPIRINGWRITER.