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5 Habits Every Online Entrepreneur Must Create

Updated on March 5, 2016

5 Habits For Online Business

Individuals have habits. These habits are usually taken to our business, wittingly or unwittingly. Some habits are good while others are bad. The good ones move us forward in life while the bad ones draw us back in life and business. As most of us had known, habits are things we do often and which are hard to stop. Habits are usual behavior we do willy-nilly.
It is important to note that forming and developing good habits is the key to success in life and business. Therefore, it is essential to form and develop good habits. Habits also have a role to play in online world especially for online entrepreneurs. Habits will go a long way in determining whether you will succeed online or not as those entrepreneurs that have succeeded online like Yahoo, Google and Facebook are those with good business habits and ethics. This article will take a look at 5 good habits and how we can use them to succeed in our various online endeavour.
1. Action Taking action is the opposite of procrastination. We must destroy procrastination and develop the habit of taking action every time the need arise. It is important to take action daily on our online platforms be it website, blog or social media. Your knowledge about online or about your online niche is waste if you do not put what you have learnt or learning into practice on your web page. Take action to respond to your customers question, enquiry, comment or criticism. Take action by responding to your website or blog visitor comments and questions. This will show that you care about them. Take action to create that new blog or website for your online business. Take action by creating that new post, add new page, add new product to your online store, create that ad and promote your business through Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and others. Take action to build your fans, connections and friends on your social media. Just keep on taking the necessary actions because unless you develop the habit of regular, consistent or daily action taken, nothing good is going to happen in your online business.
2. Communicate and communicate well Good communication prevents and put an end to confusion and disagreement in business and life. Many online business and entrepreneurs fail because of too much communication gap between them and their customers or website visitors. Always let your message be simple, clear and spam free. Don’t always advertise to your customers or website visitors. Rather, mix-match commercial posts and messages with non-commercial ones occasionally to show that you care about their well-being and social life and not just about your business only. Respond swiftly to their questions, enquiries, comments and criticism. Place your about me/us, contact me/us, privacy policy, terms of service and other vital pages for your website or blog on easily visible position on your web page. Start a two-way conversation by asking questions about your or related product or service and on other aspect of life.
3. Be social Create many social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Google+ among others to connect with your customers and visitors in as much as many social media accounts you might have. This will also help you to connect with the world in general as your message can reach millions of people at a go. Being on social media also creates an avenue for you to learn from others in order to keep awake of the trend evolving around you, especially online. On Twitter, for instance, you see the tweets people you follow while people that follow you can also see your tweet. Both you and your circle of friends on Google+ can see the post of each other. The same thing happens to Facebook and other social networks.
4. Time management One of those truth that has passed the test of time is the saying “time is money.” Therefore, it is imperative to draft a timely method of operation for our online business. Don’t just do things as it comes, rather let everything goes as planned. For instance, I planned to be writing a minimum of 4 articles and to update like 3 to 4 times a week on my blog. Also, I planned to always promote each articles on my Facebook fan page, LinkedIn and Google+. You should set up a well structured plan for your online endeavor.
5. Don’t be static Strive to develop yourself and your online business. Attend online webinars along with offline seminars, read books and e-books, subscribe to newsletter and e-news letter, visit forums, read other people’s post, and connect on social media. All these should be done around your online niche.

Always stay awake to what is going around you both online and offline. Create and implement all the above 5 good habits of successful entrepreneurs and I bet, you will succeed online.


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