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5 Important Things to Tackle a Potential Job Loss

Updated on July 30, 2012

Since there were a couple of recessions in the last 5 years, most of us have felt the heat of the recession as far as job and career is considered. A lot of us have lost our daily jobs during the recession periods and it was such a bad thing to experience in our life. But almost after one year, the world economy started picking up and the job market again started booming. We all might have got a job by then, but the sudden loss of job during the recession might have left us stranded.

I know a lot of my friends who have lost their job, just for the mere reason of recession and they really found it hard to find a next job as most of the companies and organization were reeling under the so called recession. Most of them had to wait some time before getting a job, and some of them even changed their profession for the sake of getting a job and meeting the expenses.

Here I would like to mention some points which might help us to tackle a potential job loss to some extend and even if it cannot be achieved overnight, it will benefit you if you start doing it from an early stage. Mainly for those working in the private companies, there is no job assurance and you can loss your job even when there is no recession or even when you are at the peak of your performances. So in the corporate world, nothing is predictable and you have to be ready to tackle any consequences that affect your job. Let us have a look at those points that comes to my mind when it comes to facing a potential loss of job.

1) Keep an Eye on Your Performance
Even if there is no recession, it is always better to keep an eye and check your performance on a regular basis. You have to self evaluate yourself and need to make sure that your performance and job presence are really contributing towards the growth of the company. In case you feel that your performance is not at all contributing towards the growth of the company, then you should either tighten and polish yourself or start thinking of a job change.

2) Listen to the Management
During the times when management needs to get rid of some of its staff, they usually call you personally and tells you about the need of self improvement at work. They also assign you some odd works which are not at all related to your job. But if you are determined to stay, then you should be ready to take this job (mainly during recession). By doing this management is just finding out a way to get rid of you expecting that you will not be ready to take the odd jobs. So take everything that comes your way during recession and if the atmosphere of the job market is great, then you can simply reject the odd jobs and try for a job with a better company.

3) Start Alternative Money Making Methods
One of the serious mistake that we make when it comes to job and career is that we try to put all the apples in one basket. This is really a serious problem and we should always start exploring alternative ways of income while we are doing our regular job. There are many alternative money making methods such as working as a freelance consultant, content writer, web designer and there are a lot of different ways to earn money online which expands the possibility of making alternative income. So always start doing such things, so that even if you lose your job all of a sudden you can really sustain the situation.

4) Expand Your Contacts
You should always expand and maintain your professional and personal contacts as they might come handy during the time of job crisis. If you have a healthy personal and professional contacts, you can atleast inform them about your job loss and they might be able to get you a job for the time being. So always keep on expanding your contacts and at the same time try to maintain them in a better way.

5) Apply for New Jobs
Once you feel that your job is in danger, start applying for new jobs even if the market is not at all clear. You should never stand stranded during your job crisis and you have to keep on trying until you get a better job. The day you feel that your job is not at all secure, you need to search the job portals and start applying for jobs which you are sure to excel.


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