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5 Quick Productivity and Business Tips for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Updated on June 28, 2017

Being productive is crucial in any career but especially for early-stage entrepreneurs, where profits aren't moving in past a small trickle and could easily stop unless you're proactive in your business. So here are 5 quick productivity and business tips for early-stage entrepreneurs.


Not everything on your plate is worth the same. Some things you should be doing now while others you can hold off on. Get used to sorting things into lists of critical, high, normal, and low priorities. Leankit is an especially useful tool for organizing your time. You should also put new tasks on the bottom of the list and focus on older tasks first.


Multitasking can get you nowhere fast. Focus on only one thing at a time. If it helps, set a timer for an hour or two and turn off your phone, personal email, and maybe even your internet and work distraction-free on what you need to get done next.

Take Care of Yourself

Even though you want to work hard, it's important to take breaks to rest and to get a good night's sleep. Otherwise you won't have energy and will work a lot slower with a lot poorer quality. Make sure to stay hydrated, eat healthy, and get in plenty of exercise as well. Stay away from sugar because it will make you tired as well as energy drinks that will dehydrate you and give you a crash anyway.

Keep Your Workspace Clean and Uncluttered

You need an environment that you can be productive in, so setting up office on your bed that also has piles of clothes to be folded on it is not ideal. Make sure to have a desk and a comfortable chair in a quiet, well-lit place, if possible.

Only Check Social Media and Personal Email After Work

If there is anything that will slowly suck up your time, it is personal emails and social media. For marketing reasons, it is unavoidable for your business, but draw a line between business use and personal use and don't cross it. Limit your business use to an hour a day to make sure you actually spend it working.


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