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5 Reasons Why I Love Content Marketing

Updated on January 12, 2015

Writing Content is Fun

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Reason 1: It's Fun!

Writing content is fun.

Content marketing is fun! It's much more than just writing words for search engines. It's more than just writing copy for the sake of selling a product.

For me, content marketing is a form of expression. It's a way for me to do what I love doing: writing. I've always loved to write, and content marketing is a way I can do what I love while helping people succeed.

The process of writing content is fun. Sure, sometimes doing the research can be boring, but once you're ready to start writing, it's great! You can take what you have researched and use your creativity to craft high-quality content that people will have fun reading.

Also, I love to sell. I've been in sales for over a decade. Content marketing offers a more creative and helpful way to sell. It gives me a different way to have a productive conversation.

Have Fun When Creating Content

Whether you are writing your own content, or someone else's, you should remember to have fun with it. Put your personality into every piece you write. Don't let content creation become something you do as a ritual.

Content marketing should not be like doing the dishes. You know what I mean. Nobody does the dishes because they love washing dishes (unless they have issues). They do it because it has to be done. When you create content, do it in a way that is fun and meaningful to you.

If you are not enjoying what you do, it will come across in the content that you create. Your readers will pick up on it. Then you will have no more readers!

Reason 2: It Matters

Content marketing matters. It's got a history. It has existed for thousands of years. Ever since time began, humans communicated by writing content.

When you write a piece of content, you're not just trying to sell a product or brand. You are making your mark. You are documenting your ideas and putting them out where everyone can see.

This matters. It matters because everyone has something significant to say. Everyone has had experiences that have given them insights that nobody else has.

Whether you are promoting an organization, or writing content for your blog, you are sharing your insights with the rest of us. The goal might be to gain more clients, obtain more followers, or establish more credibility. The reason doesn't matter. Your content does.

Understand your Significance

When you write a piece of content, don't just treat it as a clever sales pitch. Don't say only what you think everyone wants to hear. Yes, you do need to make content that is relevant, but you can write it in a way that expresses your identity.

Your content should tell the world who you are, what you believe, and why you believe it. Allow your unique personality to show through. You don't need to hide behind your words, you should use your words to showcase yourself.

Reason 3: It Makes a Difference

If done the right way, content marketing can make a positive difference in the life of your readers. It may not seem possible, but it's true.

Through your content you can help your readers solve their problems. You can use your expertise to help your reader accomplish their goals.

Let's say you're an accountant who writes various articles on common tax mistakes common business owners make. If one of your readers avoids making one of these mistakes because they read your content.

You could have literally helped them save their business! Not only that, they will now see you as the authority on business finances as far as they're concerned.

Sure, that's an easy example, but that doesn't make it any less true. Great content makes a difference.

How to Make a Positive Impact with your Content

If you want your content to make a positive impact, you need to write it in a way that makes your readers' life easier. Figure out who your audience is and what their pain points are is essential.

Find ways to solve your readers' problem using your content. What advice do they need? What questions do they have? Write content that addresses these issues and you will have a positive impact on their lives.


Reason 4: It's Non-Salesy Sales

Do you hate pushy salespeople? Of course you do. Everyone does. Including pushy salespeople.

Before, salespeople were pressured to sell product at any cost. Even if the product wasn't what the customer really needed. Because of this, customers were not having the best experience possible.

The great thing about content marketing is that it isn't about selling a product or service. it is only about helping your reader. Don't worry about pushing your product or service. Just focus on making things easier for your customer.

Additionally, when it comes time to sell, you can actually sell the product that the customer needs, rather than selling whatever benefits your company the most. Businesses are becoming more and more customer focused.

This means that the emphasis is on the customer experience. If you sell your customer every product you have, but give them a negative experience, you have lost.

Why? Because the customer isn't going to come back. The customer isn't going to tell their friends and family how wonderful your firm is. In this day and age, a purely transactional approach won't cut it. You need to create clients that actually buy into your brand.

Non-Salesy Sales

Non-salesy sales means truly finding out what your customer needs. It means being focused on your customer's agenda, not your own.

When you take the time to actually engage with your customer, they will be more likely to trust you. Content marketing is perfect for this. Content marketing forces you to truly look deeply into the mind of your customer.

It makes you provide a customized solution that is 100% designed to meet your customer's needs. In doing this, you earn your customer's trust and the right to influence them.

When you engage in your content marketing, don't focus only on telling your audience how wonderful your products or services are. Don't only focus on what you want them to buy. Focus on what they need. When you do this, you earn more than just a client. You earn a follower.

Reason 5: It Actually Helps People

Jack and Pamela Davis decided to move to a different state when Jackson was promoted to a new cushy executive position at his company. The new location was in a totally different state. While the new position came with a hefty raise, it mean that the Davis' had to uproot the lives of their two children as well as themselves.

Needless to say, the Davis' were at a loss. What area should they settle in? What about schools for the kids? How should they handle the move?

These were all questions that they needed answers to. And yet, they were able to easily get all of the information they needed.

Since they had never moved across state lines, they looked up articles that provided tips on relocating. The information they obtained helped them create a step-by-step plan that made the move much easier.

Not only that, when they researched the area, they came across the blog of a real estate agent that gave prospective residents the lowdown on the suburban areas surrounding the city they were moving to. They were able to get information on the schools, demographics, and night life in the area.

The content they read helped them decide where to live. As a matter of fact, they ended up hiring the real estate agent who wrote the blog postings that gave them the information they needed!

This story is a perfect example of how content can actually help people. When people have high-quality content, it makes their lives easier.


There you have it. The 5 reasons why I love content marketing. It's a fun, significant, impactful way to make a difference in people's lives.

What do you think of content marketing?

What is Content Marketing?


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