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5 Career Suggestions For Persons Unemployed and Over 50

Updated on March 8, 2017

If you're unemployed and over 50 you may often feel caught between the movies Logan’s Run and Soylent Green. It can get very demoralizing at times. Especially given the corporate shift to a younger workforce these days. Nevertheless life goes on. Don't give up and don't lose hope. Here are five suggestions for a new career path that may interest you:


1) Write A Memoir

You’ve lived over half of a century. More than likely, you probably have tons of valuable experiences and insights swirling around inside of you. Why not share them? There is a market for memoirs. Perhaps a filmmaker may decide to make a feature film or documentary based on your memoir after reading it. However they can't do so unless you write it.


2) Become A Consultant

Your knowledge about the industry in which you were employed is a gold mine. In case you didn’t know, you’re a living, walking, and breathing expert. Plus you can start a blog providing your opinions on the trends impacting that business. And at the same time, you can receive payments from companies who advertise on your website. However, you must build a following as well as traffic to your website for significant compensation.

3) Become A Baker

Every clan has a family member known for their exceptional cooking and baking. Although that person may have passed away, fond memories of their excellent baked goods and great main dishes linger on. Perhaps someone in your family has access to their recipes. Why not start baking their unforgettable chocolate cakes, jelly cakes, lemon meringue, and apple pies again? You can sell slices of the baked goods at your local community marketplace. As well as take orders for cakes and pies. Who knows – you may end up supplying desserts to several catering companies. It's a proven fact that during economic downturns people have a tendency to eat more. Incidentally, the ingredients for Aunt Sally’s baked goods should remain a family secret.


4) Become A Fashion Designer

You’ve probably heard the mumbling and sighing among your pals lately. Because of the lack of appealing and reasonably priced casual, formal, and recreational wear. Either the clothing is age inappropriate or it’s just plain unflattering. Didn't you used to sew and make your own clothing patterns? Why not launch a clothing line for the over 50 crowd? Start out with a few pieces. Showcase the apparel in a mini fashion show at a local venue. Don’t forget to provide information on how to order and purchase your merchandise. Who knows – as word of mouth spreads about your brand, a potential investor or established designer line may contact you. And make an incredible offer that will more than compensate for all of your hard work.


5) Reboot Your Art Career

You set aside your passion for art many years ago. With a growing family to support you needed to earn a steady paycheck. Now all of your children are grown. Why not reboot your art career? In case you didn’t know, there are many websites available where you can sell your artwork, i.e. Graphics, photographs, and fine art prints as an independent contractor.

As you take steps towards a new career gird yourself with faith, determination, and courage.

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© 2014 Irma Cowthern


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