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How To Use Cardone On Demand To Prepare For And Maximize A Busy Weekend

Updated on May 20, 2015

Sales Meetings To Be Prepared For The Big Sale

How do you prepare your managers and sales people for the big sale? Success loves preparation. You need to make sure that first, your managers are dialed in and second, your sales people are prepared to handle any traffic generated by the advertising. You managers and sales people need to be ready and able to convert every opportunity that presents itself. That opportunity may simply show up and walk in, they may call, they may email or even try to chat on line with you. Opportunity will be everywhere! Make sure you can handle it!

Here are 5 sales meetings ready to go that you can use the week leading up to the big sale:

NOTE: If you’re using the Cardone On-Demand program there is specific technology in the Training Center under Phones & Internet you can use in this meeting so your people are prepared to handle the incoming calls about the ad.

The Monday Before The Big Event –

Review your ad campaign with the staff. First the management, then sales. But also consider the receptionist and any customer facing employees you have. As far as I'm concerned, if you're a customer facing employee, you're part of the sales department. What specials are you running? What is the manufacture doing? How is the message getting out there? Is it in print, mail, TV or Radio? What are the offers?

To maximize ROI it is vital that you inform, train, prepare, and motivate your people on how to handle, convert, and close a transaction. The ad will do its job, which is create traffic. Make sure your people know what the ad is about so they can do their job. What kind of response will the ad create? What will this ad cause your customers to say, ask, and think? What will it cause them to expect and want?

Success Tip:

When using Cardone On Demand, you can support this meeting by going into The Fundamentals of Selling inside the Training Center and look for Course 7 called “Give, Give, Give” and watch Chapter 2 titled, “Love the one you’re with.”

The Tuesday Before The Big Event –

Love the one your with!

During a big sale your people are going to get all worried about what Billy’s doing and how Susan keeps getting all the good customers. They never bother to put the correct level of interest and attention on the customer they have right in front of them there by costing themselves and the dealership gross if not the whole deal.

In Sell Or Be Sold, Grant talks about this. You need to make sure that every client knows, regardless of the estimated quality of the client (know what I mean?) that you’re with them 100%.

Treat a customer like they can buy and they will buy. Treat them like a mooch, a stroke or a jack and guess what you’ll get every time?

NOTE: Using Cardone On Demand’s Road to the Sale and Quick Fix Solutions Center; you can work on Objections in the Greeting and objections along the Road To The Sale.

The Be Honest With Yourself Poll

How Often Do You Roll Play With Your Staff?

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The Wednesday Before The Big Event –

It’s Wednesday, you’re now two days away from a busy weekend. If it's Memorial Day, than it is the busiest weekend in the business. Your ads and mailers are about to drop, how do you prepare for the showroom traffic?

Picture this: Customer comes in having seen the ad, already talked to the spouse and is ready to roll. Sales person says hello; customer says what? You guessed it, “Just looking!” Sales person immediately craps out, dejected, says, “OK, let me know if you see anything you like.” And returns to his search for a lay down…

In your meeting today, you will want to practice and drill with your people. You'll want to work on how to handle the Reactionary Defense Response at the point of contact. Drill and roll play things like “Just Looking, Not Buying Today, No Time” etc.

Action Idea

There’s a whole section on Negotiating Best Price in Cardone On Demand. Take a look at Automotive Classics in the Training Center. If you’re not on our On Demand program, there are almost 900 videos on my YouTube Channel. You can search that content and find multiple segments where I talk about building value and what makes a sales person great.

The Thursday Before The Big Event –

Speaking of best price, a busy weekend will prove profitable for some of your staff and disappointing for others. The people who are the most prepared are going to make the most money.

On busy weekends there will be people out there looking for the best deal, the best price and if treated correctly, will also pay a little more.

Make sure you and your people are prepared to correctly and professionally handle the best price shopper. Your people are the true competitive advantage. They are your biggest asset or biggest liability. Either way, they are your biggest opportunity.

Have a game plan for them on how to handle the best price shopper. Also, have clear cut value ads that you can use to build value in yourself, the dealer ship and product. Know what makes you and them great!

NOTE: Cardone On Demand users, hop into the Training Center and look for 100 Ways To Stay Motivated and click into the Course called Enthusiasm. There’s some great content in there for defining your goals. Watch these with your people and use it to create a record breaking weekend!

Friday The Start of The Big Event –

Here we are, today is the day. You’re prepared and ready to rock and roll! It’s time to get pumped up, jacked up and focused.

Why are you here? You can’t be here just for the money. You need to be at work for your dreams and your goals.

In today’s meeting, talk about goals. Forget the money. Talk about what you’re going to do with the money. Have your people write it down, commit to it and just for this weekend (until you see it works) push for it.

You’re either working to make your dreams come true or you’re working to make someone else’s dreams come true. Which one do you prefer?

During the weekend, if you’re not using the On Demand program, at least make sure your people have Grant's Close The Sale App available in the PLAY store it iTunes. There's 300+ closes on your smart phone in the palm of your hand! Use it to prepare to work a deal, during a deal and after words to debrief.

The Quick Fix Solutions in Cardone On Demand can be used at the desk to load lips, during a deal to reload and most importantly to make sure your people are selling from confidence and not fear.

Let your next BIG Weekend become a defining moment for you and your company. Settle for nothing than the very best from yourself and your people.


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