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5 Tips for Job Security and Success

Updated on June 12, 2013

Career Woman


Job and Career Security Tips

In today’s economy everyone wants job security, which can be very challenging in unsteady and volatile times. Although there are never 100% guarantees in the workforce, there are some practical things you can do to help increase greater job security.

Some Tips to Increase Job Security

1. Be teachable and continue to acquire new skills and education.

This is one quality that every employee should remember, there can always be more to learn, no matter how advanced a person is in their field of expertise. By increasing in knowledge, acquiring new skills, and learning about new ways to improve, makes a person a valuable asset for the company.

2. Be enthusiastic and carry a positive attitude.

Enthusiastic and energetic mindsets toward the job can provide an uplifting environment in the workplace that is contagious and appreciated by management. Never show feigned enthusiasm, or over enthusiasm inappropriately, because this will only back fire and not be taken seriously by supervisors or co-workers.

3. Be a team player.

During kindergarten, there is a checkbox for “played well with others” in all the report cards. This ‘box’ also exists in the work environment, even though it’s not an official report card. It plays a huge role in job security.

As you complete long term projects and daily tasks, if you are known as a team player, you will get a positive reputation among co-workers and supervisors equally. This will also allow you to stand out as a potential leader to the supervisors, when jobs are either being cut or new positions open up. Leadership qualities always increase job security.

4. Accept positive criticism.

The ability to take all positive criticism/corrections well is a trait not everyone possesses. It can be tough on a person’s self esteem, but it’s important to learn how to receive it graciously, in order to learn how others may perceive you. By not getting defensive and showing an openness to listen, demonstrates you value that person’s opinion. We never really know how we come across to others, unless they are willing to give honest feedback, welcome it.

5. Commit to excellence.

Whenever a project or task is assigned, you need to handle that project with excellence from start to finish. Employers may not appreciate each and every task, but if you have a strong record of excellent performance under your belt, then job security will rise automatically. This sets a personal high standard and your consistently best efforts will pay off eventually, in most cases.

According to 2006 U.S. Census, “The most satisfying jobs are...especially those involved with caring for, teaching and protecting others and creative pursuits...." Clergy, for example, were by far the most satisfied and the most generally happy, although they typically work long hours and receive modest pay. Other jobs ranking high in job satisfaction were physical therapists, firefighters, teachers, painters, sculptors, psychologists and authors.”

According to U.S. News the top careers that provide the most job security in recession times are:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Lobbyist
  • Public School Teacher
  • Government Accountant
  • College Professor
  • Federal Judge

Sometimes when there is job loss and cutbacks, it can be a perfect time to re-evaluate our career path direction. If someone is in a career or job that they hate, it makes it even more difficult to do the above 5 steps. Perhaps it’s time for a more significant change to a career more suited to who you are as a person.

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