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5 Tips for Recruiting best Candidates

Updated on November 15, 2017

There is nothing more gratifying for recruiters and employers than finding a candidate whose skills best fit the vacant position and at the same time, he aligns with the company environment and culture. But at the same time, there can be nothing as daunting and frustrating for the recruiters and employers if they get their hiring process wrong. This is because bad hiring may lead to heavy repercussions and costly mistakes. It affects office productivity and employee morale. While you can not assure that you always go for the best hire, but there are significant ways that can lower down the risk of choosing wrong employees. Here are the few ways that ensure hiring process goes right and does justice to the position:

Writing accurate Job Descriptions

This might seem a basic step, but if it goes wrong, the end result will be difficult to handle. Read over the current job postings to ensure that the job has been defined accurately and nothing important has been missed. A good job posting must contain:

The tasks that job entails and the daily routine

Job responsibilities



Painless applying process

If the application procedure is lengthy and prospective candidates are forced to fill out several details before submitting their CV, there is a good chance you will lose them even before they apply. Candidates have immense job opportunities these days, they are skilled so there is no dearth of good employees. If the application process is lengthy, the most talented employees may just go somewhere else. Plus, there are minimum chances that they themselves will ever visit your website again or recommend it to others.

Ditch the Recruitment Sites

Job board sites are seeing a decline in traffic these days; this is because job seekers are moving on to the basic research on company websites and social platforms. They are easy to use and effective.

Managing relationships

Recruiters often come across the candidates who do not fit into the current openings but can be the right fit for future hire. Create a system, that can help you to stay connected with such candidates. By staying in close contact with these employees you will make sure your company is the best choice for the candidate when he is looking for a job change. You can create a group for them and send them current openings or important announcements to help them stay engaged and interested in the company affairs.

Social media

You can take advantage of social media platforms where active job seekers spend most of their time. Linkedin and Facebook are the tools where you can stay connected with the. Post all your openings in the company’s Linkedin profile and Facebook page. Even if your followers are unable to identify with the current opening they can share with other users.



Although, it is difficult to avoid making a bad hire, but taking right steps can minimize the frequency. Edit job descriptions as per the individual requirements, offer easy apply tools and do not forget to invest in the social media platforms.

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