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5 Tips to Article Marketing

Updated on April 24, 2012

There are many ways to generate free traffic. One of the best ways to do that is to write articles and submit them to places that will provide you a back link for those articles. The major issue with article marketing is not that there is a lack of it but that there is a lack of any quality in the articles being submitted. To properly achieve, the most out of your article, so people will choose to opt in the articles need to be creative, SEO friendly and able to get the point across clearly.

So, if you are article marketing and it is not working out for you, then you are missing one or more of these points.

1. Search Engine Optimization: The idea of creating articles to point back to your site has to do with the keywords you choose to use. If, you choose a keyword that has a lot of competition then your article may be lost in the ranks. So, you want to choose the most targeted keyword for your business. When you are, choosing a keyword for your article choose at least three different ones. One keyword will be your main keyword and the other two will be your sub keywords that you will use throughout the rest of the article. This will bring in more traffic and allow people the chance to opt in for your product.

2. Quality before Quantity: when people are searching for information they do not want to come across articles that are of poor quality. They are searching for that information to resolve a problem they are having. You as the business can offer a great solution to the problem, but if visitors find that your articles are not original, contain grammatical errors, or are poorly written then you just lost your authority on the article.

When you choose to submit low quality articles to directories or to other places a lot of time they will just be rejected. So, you just wasted your time making an article drive traffic that you either have to pitch or rewrite with a purpose. So, why not just write one that is perfect the first time.

3. Timely and Timeless: The use of information is ever changing. However, if you are in a market that helps people solve a problem then the chances of your articles becoming out dated are little to none. Things like getting fit, making money, how to build, how to train are all things that people will always search for.

When people are, searching for information on these types of things they will typically type in search engines something called “long tail keyword.” These long tail keywords or phrases have to do with how to do something. So, when users go to a search engine, they ask questions. "How do I lose weight" just an example but you get the idea? Incorporate these long tail keywords into your articles for better traffic.

4. Develop Your Voice: This can be a little bit confusing on the part of new writers that are trying to create content for marketing. This means that you need to add a little personality into your writing. If, you can create great articles and also come through the article as a live person then, you can gain trust from the reader as an authority figure on the topic.

5. Call to Action: Don't miss out on this one This is the most important step in your article and you would be surprised by how many people actually miss it. It is what you would like the person reading the article to do. Do you want them to visit a website? Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to pass the word about you? Whatever, the main purpose of the article is making sure you inform the reader, so they can respond. Otherwise, you are just missing another opportunity for the reader to opt in.


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